Different Types of Visas, Country-wise

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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A visa can be best described as a travel document that enables an individual to get inside or arrive in a foreign country and be there for a certain amount of time. To travel to a particular country, an individual has to apply for a visa in advance. There are certain countries that are fine with the idea of the individual procuring a visa on arrival.

An individual has to apply for a visa at a consulate, embassy, or through a designated online platform. Visas determine the days, weeks, or months a foreign resident can stay in a country. Visa requirements put together by countries are a part of the security measures they take to keep track of foreign nationals entering the country and curb illegal immigration.

Various Types of Visas for Top Countries 

Before an individual applies for a visa for the first time, they must make themselves aware of the different visa types. Knowing the different types of visas also helps people select the right visa to apply. Before researching the visa process for the USA, an applicant should know about the different forms in which visas exist.

Transit Visa

As the name suggests, a transit visa enables an individual to pass through a particular country while going to a third country or destination. A person with an Indian passport could stop for a layover in Schengen while traveling to Canada. In such a situation, they would be required to have a Schengen transit visa.

While a transit visa remains valid for 24 – 96 hours, there are instances when it is issued for several days. The maximum time a transit visa can be applied for is two weeks. The duration of the transit visa would depend on the country the applicant is traveling to.

Tourist Visas

Tourist visas serve as an entry pass for those about to visit a country for recreational purposes. Tourist visas are short-term in nature. No tourist visa remains valid for more than three months. It is illegal to enter a country using a tourist visa and look for employment opportunities there. There are no limitations on the number of times an individual can apply for a tourist visa to a particular country.

Student Visas

Student visas are the visas that international students apply for to study or pursue an educational course or program in a particular country. Since student visas are of different types, a foreign student applies for one after being sure of how long they will be studying or staying in a country.

Based on the course or program the applicant has opted for, a student visa lasts 1-4 years. Whether somebody is looking for a Canada student visa or a student visa to some other country, they should start preparing for it a couple of months before they plan to leave.

Medical Visas

A medical visa is applied for when the applicant must undergo a medical procedure in a foreign country. Medical visas are short-term visas that are supposed to last until the medical procedure is over and the patient has recovered well enough to travel again. To get a medical visa, the applicant must show evidence of the medical condition they are suffering from and submit proof that a health institution in the destination country has agreed to treat them.

Family Reunification Visa

A family reunification visa is applied when the applicant’s spouse works and lives in another country. This visa enables the applicant to become a temporary resident in the country where their spouse is employed. In certain cases, they also get to become permanent residents.

Work Visa 

When an individual has received a job offer from a company based in a foreign country, they must apply for a work visa. Procuring a work visa will give the individual the right to work in the country in which they have been given an employment opportunity. If somebody has been offered a job in Ireland, they should read up on the visa process in Ireland.

Usually, work visas are issued for a period ranging from one to four years. However, sometimes the individual’s work contract could lead them towards getting a work visa with a longer duration. For most people, securing a work visa is the first step towards becoming a permanent resident of a country and working there for years.

Pilgrimage Visa

Pilgrimage visas are applied by those who plan to go on a pilgrimage in a foreign country. The Hajj visa, for instance, is issued to Muslims by the government of Saudi Arabia to visit Hajj in Mecca. A pilgrimage visa is mostly issued for many individuals and not just one person. This type of visa remains till the time the applicant finishes the pilgrimage.

Working Holiday Visa  

A working holiday visa can be best described as a short-term permit that mixes a work and tourist visa. This visa allows an individual to go on a holiday or trip to a foreign land and work there for some time.Countries have different types of restrictions regarding the kind of work a foreign national can do and the number of hours they can work for. Working holiday visas remain valid for a year or two. An individual can, mostly, apply for a working holiday visa just once. If somebody plans to travel to France and work there simultaneously, they should get the details on the visa process in France.

Investment Visa

An investment is a visa that enables the applicant to become a resident of a foreign country upon making a proper financial investment. The investment could be made in a startup, government fund, bonds, and other things.Suppose the investment made by the person leads to an increase in employment opportunities in that country or leaves a significant impact on its economy. In that case, their chances of securing an investment visa would grow manifold. Sometimes, buying real estate property also helps one secure an investment visa.

Digital Nomad Visa

Before understanding the meaning of a digital nomad visa, one must try and understand who or what a digital nomad is. An individual with the privilege of working remotely for a company or clients is called a digital nomad.

If an individual is interested in applying for this visa, they would be required to find a country that offers a digital nomad immigration program. If a professional plans to work from Australia for a while, they should assemble their Australia visa documents.

Official Visa

Procuring an official visa enables an individual to engage in diplomatic work as a representative of their country in a foreign country. While a diplomatic visa is the most common type of official visa, many countries also issue service and courtesy visas.

Retirement Visa 

A retirement visa is applied by foreign nationals who wish to retire in a foreign land and not in their home country. Only those individuals, who have reached their retirement age, are eligible to apply for this visa. A retirement visa is offered as a residence permit. While applying for a retirement visa, the individual has to show proof or evidence that they have enough funds to support themselves.

Refuge Visa

A refuge visa, also called an asylum visa, is applied by those who get persecuted in their home country owing to political, racial or religious factors. Countries issue refuge visas to help those who have received refugee status.

Different Types of Visas, Country-wise

Different Modes to Apply for Visas for Top Countries

One can apply for a visa in different ways or modes. The method an individual opts for depends on a few factors including their convenience, the country they are based in and their nationality.


One of the most common visa application methods involves visiting an embassy. The individual has to go to the consulate or embassy of the country they intend to visit. After making an appointment, they have to collect many documents, pay a certain amount as the visa processing fee and appear for a visa interview.

After reviewing the applicant's application, the consular officers will decide whether a visa should be granted. The time it will take for the visa to be processed depends on the type of visa the individual has applied for. During occasion, the consulates or embassies outsource visa submissions to travel agencies.


In today’s times, a large number of people opt for an online visa application process. Online or electronic visas are mostly issued in the form of printable documents and are not attached to one’s passport.If a particular country offers electronic visas, there would be an official website to write and put across an application. The official application website should enable the applicant to fill up an online visa application form, attach electronic copies of various documents and finally, pay a fee for the visa.

While the online visa application process has become very popular, an individual must ensure that they are applying through a genuine website. Checking the authenticity of the online platform is very important. Sometimes, people get to know about their visa application status in a few minutes, and there are instances where people are made to wait several days to receive an intimation.

Visa on Arrival

Many countries offer visas on arrival to individuals. This is referred to as a visa on arrival. The individual can apply for a visa after arriving at the foreign country's airport. There will be a visa counter at airports or some other point of entry. The individual has to go there to apply for a visa, pay a fee and wait for the visa to arrive.

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