Insights Into the New Era of SAT Digital

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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What is SAT Digital?

The SAT Digital is the digitalized version of the SAT exam or the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is one of the most widely used assessment tests for getting into a college in the United States of America. The SAT Digital was introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought the world to an utter standstill. Instead of writing the exam on paper, this version has students write the test on a computer. Efforts have been made to keep the digital version similar in format and content to the traditional version of SAT.The SAT Digital was introduced to allow students to give the SAT even when the pandemic was on. Students could take the test even if they were not present in person.

Insights Into the New Era of SAT Digital

Knowing the differences between the SAT and SAT Digital

The unprecedented changes in the education sector have prompted the College Board to make the SAT go digital. Here are the most important differences between the two of them:

Faster Scores:

SAT digital will result in faster scoring. A student will be able to get their score in a few days after giving the test and not have to wait for weeks and even months. At the moment, SAT scores take about 2 to 6 weeks to give out scores, but it will take much less time to get them.This means that a student can take the SAT Digital later in the year and still get their score well before the deadlines for college application.

Duration of Test:

The SAT was for a 3-hour duration. The digital format will be 2 hours long.


The original SAT was a bi-sectional paper that consisted of a Reading & Writing section and a Math section. The SAT Digital will have 3 sections: Writing, Reading, and Math.

Adaptive Nature of Test:

The SAT Digital is based on adaptive technology and will be performed in 2 stages. The first module of each section and a student’s performance on it will determine what the second module will look like and its difficulty level. The paper-based SAT did not have this adaptive nature.

Shorter Reading Passages:

The reading passages comprise a significant portion of SAT. With the test going digital, expect shorter reading passages; each passage will have one question. The topics will range from a wide variety of realms that college students are expected to study.

Use of Calculators:

SAT Digital will allow students to use their calculators for the entire Math section. This was not the case with the paper-based SAT, which allowed calculator use for only a certain section of Math.


With the SAT going digital, maintaining a high level of security is necessary. With the paper-based SAT, if the test form got compromised for some reason, the whole test had to be cancelled for a certain group of students. But this does not have to happen anymore because SAT Digital is extremely secure. Going digital allows the College Board to give students a unique test form, so there is no way for any discrepancy or cheating to persist.

Existing Similarities between SAT and SAT Digital

The SAT Digital is certainly exciting, with many new changes that make it quite different from its predecessor format, but certain things will remain the same.

  • The test continues to be on a 1600 scale.
  • Students can't take the test from their homes. They have to come and give it to a testing center.
  • The test will be governed by a proctor at the testing center.

Will SAT Digital be Easy or Tough?

The spring of 2024 will see students taking the SAT Digital for the first time. So some students will wonder whether it will be easy or tough! The answer is that the Digital SAT will continue to test students’ readiness to take on college work and will be at the same level of rigor as the present format. So no, it will not be any easier, but yes, the stress level of the students will be lower. This is because the exam duration will be low, and students will have more time to answer each question.

Available Tools for the Students to Take Up SAT digital

The good news is that, unlike the paper-based SAT, the digital version is going to make available to students many tools they can utilize during the test. This will bring down stress levels and help students perform better hopefully. Here is a list of tools the College Board has revealed will be available for students taking the SAT 2024.

  • It will let students flag questions they can answer later in the test. This means they won't have to constantly go back and forth.
  • A countdown clock will let students know exactly how much time they have left. Students can choose to show or hide it.
  • Graphic calculator is in-built, which students can use for the entire Math section.
  • A reference sheet for students containing formulas will also be provided for each Math section.

When and How Should One Prepare for SAT Digital?

Preparing for the SAT Digital should start way before the test day. Here are a few tips to follow:

With Reading:

A student must know current and general topics. Reading newspapers and magazines that deal with current affairs, such as New York Times, Washington Post, the Economist, and the New Scientists, is important. Reading geopolitical, environmental, and social issues and editorials about them can help. One should not just aim to get all the knowledge and information but also develop opinions about them.

Writing and Language:

Practicing writing by ensuring that grammar and punctuation rules are followed is also a necessary part of preparing for the Digital SAT.


Following the entire paper-based SAT syllabus for the Digital SAT is the best way to proceed for any student preparing to sit for the test next year. Geometry and trigonometry from ACT official tests should be paid particular attention to. Learning facts and formulas will help a student ace the test.

Timeline to Follow

At Present

Download the Bluebook app now.

2 Weeks before the Test

A full-length practice test can be taken on the app itself.

5 Days before the Test

Complete the exam setup on the Bluebook app. Apply and get the admission ticket.

On SAT Test Day

Arrive at the testing center on time for the test.

Will SAT Digital have Any Impact on College Admissions?

Yes, it will. The purpose of SAT, or the SAT Digital as it will be henceforth known, is to bring a standardized testing format to judge a student’s college readiness and success. SAT Digital will have an impact on college admissions. Any student who wants to be admitted to a US college can take the SAT Digital. This test will establish parity between students from different countries, boards, and more.While there has been talk of US universities going optional with tests after the pandemic, giving students the option of sending over their test scores, more than 60% of students applying for admission to US universities have submitted their test scores.A student wishing to study abroad at a US university must take the SAT to put themselves in a better position and increase their chances of admission.

Giving the SAT Digital for any Indian student who wants to study abroad at an American university should not be an option, expert educational counsellors suggest. It is a must. SAT scores help a college or university judge college readiness and cognitive and reasoning abilities of students. Also, it shows a student in good light if they can get good scores.It provides support for a college application. If any student did not do very well in their last high school examination but still wants to apply to an American student to fulfill their career dreams, taking the SAT Digital is critical. This test also shows critical thinking abilities and whether a particular student is meant for academic success.


Transitioning from the paper-based to the digital format was not an easy decision; students, especially from the Indian subcontinent, are excited and perhaps a bit apprehensive. However, since the content will remain the same, there is no reason to be so. The format is such that it will provide stress relief for students. With test scores being made available within days of taking them, students will find it easier to submit their college applications.

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