Job Market Trends in the US for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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The United States is not just a country filled with some of the greatest universities in the world. It is also a country that offers fantastic career opportunities to individuals from around the world. However, the job market goes through its share of ups and downs. It is essential to thoroughly analyze a job market before looking for a job.

Apart from individuals who have completed their studies and are looking for a job immediately, analyzing the job market is also important for those planning to move to the US for a while to pursue a course or a program. Before an international student takes up a particular course, they should have some idea about its viability and whether it would lead them to job opportunities in the future or not.

The United States is known for being the largest economy in the world. When somebody comes here to study, they expect their career to take off well. However, the job market across the world is unpredictable. Because of this, it is important to reach out to educational experts and career counselors and seek their help in figuring out the job market trends in the industry you are interested in at a given time.

An Overview of the Job Market in the US from an Indian Student’s Perspective 

When a student from another country decides to enroll in a university in the US, one of the first questions that come to their mind is whether the country offers many work opportunities to Indian students in different fields. Being a global economy, there are plenty of opportunities in the US. However, there is a lot of competition as well.

The US has had a reputation for being one of those countries that make it possible for Indian students to stay back after completing their course and build a career for themselves. While some Indian students get jobs through campus placements, some look for work opportunities independently and find them in due course of time.

When Indian students look for jobs after getting a degree from a university, they must be ready to deal with the competition around them. While going about the job hunting process, they should be confident and sure about how they plan to pitch themselves to potential employers.

The US has always been a great country for Indian students and job seekers because some of the biggest multinational companies in the world have originated from here. Some prominent Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon have their headquarters in the US.

While Indian students can expect to build long-term careers in the US, the starting salaries they are offered are very attractive, to say the least. Most Indian students find companies offering them more than they have expected. This becomes a major incentive for them to stay back in the US after completing their studies and embark upon a professional career.

MS graduates in the US can expect to find jobs with an average salary package ranging from $70,000 to $100,000. MBA graduates also get very lucrative salaries as soon as they start their careers. While some companies offer to pay them $80,000 a year, many are willing to pay as much as $110,000 annually. In pursuing the best jobs in the USA for Indians, many opt for an MBA.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics USA conducts research regularly on the US's job market trends and state of employment. The organization always leads when it comes to offering relevant information on the US job market at a given time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics USA, several fields, including business, will witness a 23% increase in demand and create more than 138,000 jobs by 2024. This is great news for those planning to join the workforce of the United States soon.

Job Market Trends in the US for Indian Students

The healthcare industry tops the list when it comes to offering the highest-paid jobs in the country. Between 2019 and 2029, a 15% increase in the need for healthcare professionals is expected. Based on this, one can infer that this particular decade will offer individuals in this sector more than 2.4 million work opportunities.

While the healthcare industry will continue to grow, other industries are expected to witness positive trends soon. Engineering, psychiatry, law, and marketing are some areas where there will be a growth in the number of jobs in the coming years.

Types of Job Opportunities While Studying

The colleges and universities based in the US work towards the objective of preparing students for the job market. Apart from offering them high-quality education, these institutions impart the kind of skills in them that help them find a job as soon as they finish their course or program. Along with full-time jobs, they can choose from various part-time jobs in USA for international students.

There are different ways in which international students can get job opportunities in the US. While studying in a college or university, a student can take up a part-time job, build a network and use their contacts to get a lucrative job after graduation or post-graduation studies. While studying in a university, they get valuable tips on finding a job that befits their skills and qualification after completing their education.

On-Campus Jobs

Most international students turn to their universities to provide them with jobs. Most reputed colleges and universities in the US provide students with campus placements. Before an international student joins a college in the US, one of the first things they ask is the placement opportunities they will get.

However, before a student enquires about the kind of professional opportunities they will get after completing their course or program, they should try to get some insight into the kind of work they can take up while studying. Several students look for part-time opportunities while studying so that they can pay a part of their tuition fee themselves or take care of other expenses.

Getting an F-1 visa allows an Indian student to work while pursuing a professional course or program. After acquiring an F-1 visa, an international student can take up a part-time job and put in a maximum of 20 hours of work every week. Based on the work they take up, an international student can expect to earn $7 - $12 a week.

Initially, an Indian student might face some confusion while looking for an on-campus job in the US. Being new to the country, they wouldn’t know the channels through which on-campus jobs can be applied. While many websites or online platforms help students apply for on-campus jobs, taking the help of the university or the faculty would prove to be very helpful in this regard.

An Indian student shouldn’t expect an on-campus job to pay them as well as a full-time job. They should have realistic expectations and think of the various ways they can benefit from it. The exposure and experience Indian students gain from an on-campus will help them greatly when they finish their course and get into the professional space in a full-fledged manner.

While an on-campus job might not be as lucrative as a full-time job, an Indian student can still expect many options. Working as a teaching assistant is one option Indian students get when looking for an on-campus job. There is also the option to work as a library assistant. If a library exists in their college or university, they can volunteer to work there.

If the university has a bookstore, they can work as an assistant there. There could also be a vacancy for a peer tutor. Some other on-campus jobs that a student can apply for are that of a campus tour guide, campus ambassador and campus tech support. They can also look for a job in the in-campus cafeteria.

Off-Campus Jobs

If an Indian student is interested in taking up an off-campus job in the US, they must seek university permission. Apart from acquiring an F-1 visa, an Indian student must also complete their first year of education to be eligible to apply for an off-campus job. Once the university gives them the requisite permission, an international student shouldn’t face difficulty finding an off-campus job.

Companies and individuals are always on the lookout for students who are willing to work on a part-time basis. Since they are students and come from an educational background, it becomes easier for employers to trust them. Students should just focus on putting together a resume that represents them well and gives a good idea about their educational qualifications and skill set.

To make a decent amount of money while working part-time, an Indian student should consider working as a retail sales associate or a storekeeper. Even an undergraduate can get work as a babysitter and dog walker. If they understand social media well, they can work with a digital marketing company on a part-time basis.

When Indian student is sure about the career path they will be embarking upon, they should look for part-time work opportunities that would help them in the future. For instance, they could intern with a financial institution if they are studying to become a chartered accountant. Many websites offer internships in the USA for Indian students.

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