Navigating Non-STEM Scholarships in USA 2023

Study Abroad Team 26/06/2023

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Getting into a Non-STEM Program in the USA

Finding a right course for a student starts with knowing their skills and interests. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence and creativity will be in high demand in the job sector for the next number of years. This has perpetuated a shift to non-STEM fields of study and research. So when students want to pursue a NON-STEM scholarship in the USA in 2023, they are preparing themselves for a lucrative and strong career graph.

Navigating Non-STEM Scholarships in USA 2023

Studying abroad in the US can mean spending a lot of money, so students look for scholarships to make the financial strain a little easier. Getting into a non-STEM program in the USA can mean researching non-STEM scholarships in the country.

Comparison Between STEM and Non-STEM Programs

Here’s a comparison between both:

What They Stand for
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. When a student gets into one of these programs, a lot of technical instruction will be involved. Such a program will focus heavily on science, technology, maths, technical skills, and practical applications. These programs aim mostly to get employment for students in fields such as computer science, healthcare, engineering, biotechnology, and more.

Navigating Non-STEM Scholarships in USA 2023

Non-STEM stands for subjects and programs which do not fall into the category of the 4 above-mentioned fields. This means non-STEM courses can be anything from Business Management, Luxury, Finance, Fashion, and much more. Non-STEM courses are much broader in the breadth of subjects they offer students and teach students skills they can use to get into law, politics, marketing, education, and journalism.


STEM courses get a whole lot of benefits to students studying them. They get higher pay and are usually considered the cream of the crop. They also can get employment worldwide because of the technical abilities they gained during their stint as a STEM student.

Non-STEM courses may major in Humanities subjects, and they can make a good income in fields such as journalism, business, accounting, finance, linguistic studies, and more.

Both STEM and non-STEM courses are good choices. Which one a candidate will choose depends on his or her abilities and interests.

Why Studying Abroad in the USA for a Non-STEM Course is a Great Idea?

Studying for a non-STEM course can be hugely advantageous in the current climate. Doing it in the USA can be more so. Let’s look at the reasons why:

  • Tilt Towards Interpersonal Skills: The USA is known as a country that rewards the best, and the same can be said about courses that push interpersonal skills. Many studies in recent times have shown that job requirements will change shortly, and more push will be made toward interpersonal skills like communication, creativity, and empathy. So studying in the USA with a scholarship and getting into a non-STEM course can be a step in the right direction.
  • Marketing and Business Set to Grow: These two fields will increase over the coming years. Non-STEM courses focusing on marketing skills and business will thus gain more prominence. With US colleges offering such programs, it is no doubt that international students will want more of them.
  • Safe and Stable Country: International students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad often choose the USA for its safety and stability. The country is known for welcoming many international students every year, and with the work opportunities available in non-STEM fields, there is no reason not to consider it. 
  • More Automation and Artificial Intelligence: This is the era where automation and Artificial Intelligence are set to take over the world. As the technologies tilt more towards machine learning and AI, the scope for non-STEM courses is set to increase. There is a significant push towards qualities and skills that make people human, and it will only grow as automation and AI become more pronounced in most fields.

Top Non-STEM Scholarships Available in the USA

1. US Fulbright Scholar Program

This is one of the best available scholarships in the USA for non-STEM courses. The scholarship aims to foster an interchange of skills, knowledge, and people between the people of the USA and that of foreign countries. This scholarship program is available for Postgraduate and Ph.D. students.

2. Fulbright Foreign Students Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who want to study in the USA in non-STEM courses. Available for research, this is primarily given to graduate students, though even young professionals can avail of it. This is a fully financed scholarship program; more than 4000 international students get it yearly.

3. Yale University Scholarship

As an international student in the USA, getting a scholarship can lower the financial burden by a good margin. Yale is one of the top universities in the country with a historical past of sharpening the bright minds of industries. The scholarship is given in non-STEM subjects, including literature and business.

Getting into Yale University can make one’s career, especially for a foreign student with big dreams.

4. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Boston University is another of the best colleges to study in the United States. This scholarship is much favored because it can be fully financed, depending on the candidate’s merit. Boston University has various programs in Actuarial science, Accounting and Finance, Investment Banking, Advertising, Arts Management, and more, all of which are non-STEM.

5. Cornell University Financial Aid

A student can get a scholarship to study at Cornell as well. Many non-STEM courses are offered, like those in Agriculture, Arts, Human Ecology, Industrial and Labor Relations, and Law. 

6. Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Offered by Stanford University, this scholarship also allows students to partake in a non-STEM course from the university. It offers partial and fully financed scholarship plans for domestic and international students.

Right Time to Apply for Non-STEM Scholarships in the USA

Eligibility requirements for different scholarships to the USA will differ, so when a candidate wants to get into a scholarship program, they should understand the requirements for each individual.

It is also necessary to understand that some scholarships are open to all, while others are open to students of certain denominations or groups. 

The best thing to do is go for fully financed scholarships and apply to others. This way, a student can be assured of getting at least one scholarship if they are meritorious and can make an impression on the scholarship board in question.

Depending on the course or program a student chooses, expect the scholarship application process to start at least 3 to 4 months in advance. So it is best to keep one’s eyes on the website of the scholarship program or university one wishes to apply for.

Non-STEM subjects and courses quickly catch the public’s eye for various reasons. Gone are the days when only STEM subjects got accolades. Now it is hardly the case because non-STEM subjects have a lot of scopes and a bright future. Studying abroad in such a course can mean paying tuition and living costs, so getting financed by a scholarship plan is the best way to go about it. 

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