Unlock Your Engineering Dreams: Top US Universities With Scholarships For Masters

Study Abroad Team 11/08/2023
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A Quick Glimpse into Scholarships Offered for MS in Engineering in the US 

A professional engineer receives immense respect and enjoys a good reputation in society. Also, when someone pursues his or her career in one of the engineering fields after studying engineering abroad, bagging a high-paying job is easier. Post-completing the 12th board exams, the number of students opting to study abroad, especially in the USA, is increasing each year.

The most interesting fact is students who dream of studying their desired engineering program in esteemed US colleges or Universities can do so with a scholarship. Students from engineering disciplines can procure one of the numerous fully-funded scholarships in the US. International engineering aspirants can make the most of the readily available scholarships.

Suppose a talented student aspires to study in the USA and successfully obtains a bachelor’s degree in engineering without any financial burden. In that case, it is necessary to bag one of the scholarship packages for MS in the USA. 

Scholarship Packages for MS in USA: Overview

In the US, a wide array of scholarships is available for students from India who are passionate about engineering. The stress of high tuition fees and living costs won’t bother a student when he or she gets to pursue the coveted master’s degree program in engineering with a scholarship. Most scholarships cover complete tuition fees, room rent, and living expenses in the US. 

Scholarships are the most feasible solution for aspirants with outstanding academic performance in the secondary and higher secondary examinations. Aside from the US Federal government, many private and public American higher education institutes offer various scholarships for engineering aspirants. Meticulous planning and research can enable a student to get hold of a scholarship in the US to pursue an MS in engineering.

Earlier, many exceptionally talented students who aspired to study engineering in the US could not finance their higher education because of a lack of money. The scenario has transformed significantly with the availability of different scholarships for international students who wish to pursue an engineering program. Scholarships are instrumental for studying master's in USA for Indian students.

Types of Engineering Scholarships for International Students in the US

 Apart from engineering aspirants who are permanent US residents or have US citizenship, different engineering scholarships are available for international students. 

Academic or Merit-based Scholarships: 

Students with exceptional academic performance and records in their schools and at the undergraduate level receive merit-based scholarships. The sole objective behind awarding these academic scholarships is to ensure financial assistance to them. 

Students can focus more on their studies, perform better and obtain their coveted degrees because of the scholarships. Additionally, the door to a lucrative and rewarding career opens up for students with an engineering degree. 

Need-based Scholarships: 

These scholarships are exclusively for those students who have financial constraints but are steadfast in achieving their dreams of working as professional engineers. Even if one is not extremely talented and has no impressive academic performance, he or she can still bag this scholarship.

Before awarding a need-based scholarship to an aspirant, his or her family’s annual income, besides the grades, is considered. It is only when a student becomes eligible; he or she receives the scholarship. Qualified students do not have to deal with financial difficulties when they study in USAengineering colleges with this scholarship.

Top 10 Global Universities Offering Engineering Scholarships 

Indeed, not every student comes from an affluent family. Therefore, it is not possible for the needy to bear the expenses of studying and living in the US. Many private and public universities in the US, where international students pursue MS in engineering, charge substantial tuition fees. 

Keep the health insurance, lodging, and other expenses aside. Only the tuition fees at some globally-reputed US engineering Universities range between 40,000-50,000 USD per year. Bagging an engineering scholarship that many globally-renowned Universities offer can be helpful to complete master's in the USA for international students.

Remember that receiving a scholarship package in the United States can prove immensely beneficial for a student’s career. The chances of landing a high-salary job at a leading company after completing an MS in engineering from a US University are higher. Also, when a student receives a scholarship, he or she helps his or her country secure a place at the forefront of every technological innovation and development. 

Some Universities offer entirely-funded scholarships for eligible aspirants to pursue MS in engineering in the US. 

  • Stanford University Scholarship: This scholarship covers tuition fees, academic expenses, traveling, and living allowance.
  • Yale University Scholarship: This fully funded scholarship that incredibly talented students with lots of potential receive to study in the USA stress-free. It includes travel and living costs as well as health insurance.
  • Harvard University HAAA Scholarship: This scholarship is only for those students who wish to study at Harvard University. 
  • University of Memphis: International students can bag this scholarship to study at the renowned University of Memphis.
  • Cornell University: A student can opt for the TATA scholarship to finance their study if they wish to pursue MS in engineering at Cornell University
  • Michigan State University: International engineering aspirants with commendable academic performance are eligible. Michigan State University offers them merit-based scholarships after reviewing the profile of each student.
  • Illinois University: This scholarship is available for those who aspire to study engineering at Illinois University. It covers tuition fees, allowing students to focus more on their performance and achieve their goals.
  • University of Miami: Bagging the scholarship the University of Miami offers to engineering aspirants can benefit them immensely. Aside from the full tuition fees, computer purchase allowance, room charges, and research-related expenses. 
  • New York University: The reputed University offers the Wagner Scholarship, which ensures full tuition fee coverage.
  • The University of Oregon: Based on the GPA of interested students and their scores in 12th board exams and at the undergraduate level, the University of Oregon offers a scholarship.

Unlock Your Engineering Dreams: Top US Universities With Scholarships For Masters

Efficient Ways to Procure a Fully-Funded Engineering Scholarship in the US

Besides medical colleges in the USA for Indian students to get admission and study MS in engineering with a scholarship, knowing the correct way to apply is imperative. Here’s what a student must do to obtain an engineering scholarship in the United States. 

  • Know the Right Place to Look for Scholarships – Students must know the reliable sites to find engineering scholarships in the US. It is sensible to obtain additional information related to the requirements of the scholarship awarding University or committee.
  • Prepare for Interviews in Advance – An aspirant has to appear for certain exams and interviews to become eligible for a scholarship package to study abroad. It is essential to conduct requisite research and prepare for these tests and interviews.
  • Put in Honest Effort and Stay Motivated – Aspirants who are talented and passionate about pursuing their career as engineers, getting a scholarship in the US is not difficult. If their performance and scores in school and college exams were impressive, the scholarship-awarding University or body would certainly consider them. Working hard and seeking inspiration should be every aspirant’s priority.
  • Be Unique and Stand Apart from the Competition – Countless aspirant engineers wish tostudy in US with a scholarship, and everyone applies for one or the other. A student can show the scholarship to the awarding committee to prove why they are unlike other applicants and why they should choose him or her. It is vital to mention in the application if an applicant is involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Read Every Instruction Properly – It is important to carefully read every instruction before applying for a scholarship online. Many applicants make silly mistakes when applying for a scholarship to pursue MS in engineering in the US. They do not get a scholarship package only because they avoid reading instructions line by line.
  • An Impressive Cover Letter Submission – The person or the body reading an applicant’s cover letter or the scholarship essay must understand what compels him or her to apply for a scholarship. It must reflect how passionate one is about pursuing a master’s degree in engineering in the US.
  • Keep Necessary Documents Organized – Keeping all requisite documents when applying for an engineering scholarship in the US handy is imperative. Committed students keep documents organized when they apply to ensure the process is hassle-free.

Eligibility for Engineering Scholarships in the US: An Overview

Meeting the eligibility requirements matters the most to study masters in USA for Indian students and those from other nations. The scholarship awarding body considers several things, such as the applicant’s academic score, overall profile, country of residence, and involvement in extracurricular activities. 

Obtaining a research-based scholarship in the US will require an interested student to submit their previous tasks and assignments. Aside from all the aforementioned elements, they must have these documents when applying for an engineering scholarship.

  • A copy of GPA scores
  • SAT, GMAT, or ACT scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS exam score
  • A Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport or Photo Identity Proof

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

How can engineering aspirants improve their possibilities of bagging a scholarship for MS in the US?

It is not that whoever applies for a scholarship receives it. Aspirants must apply for multiple suitable scholarships, submit expert-reviewed essays, write the statement of purpose well, and highlight their expertise. They must also write the application without any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

Is obtaining a scholarship to study engineering at a US University difficult?
It is difficult but not impossible to bag a scholarship to study a coveted engineering program at a US University. Every student must plan properly, research, and prepare well in advance to qualify for a fully-funded scholarship.

Do US Universities Provide Fully-Funded Scholarships to International Students?
Yes, many Universities in the US offer fully-funded scholarships to eligible engineering aspirants. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation costs, traveling expenses, airfare, health insurance, and many more.

How much CGPA should an applicant need to receive MS scholarships in the United States?
A 7.5 to 8 GPA score is necessary to increase the chances of receiving an MS scholarship in the United States. 

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