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Study Abroad Team 26/07/2023

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Making Most of Your US Study Abroad Experience

Going to the USA to study as an international student is exciting. It is time to maximize the opportunity and maximize the experience. The American education system is enticing for Indian students who wish to make a life there. While it is a dream come true for most Indian students to get the opportunity of studying in a foreign country, maximizing it is the best way to go about it.

Several things can be done to make sure this happens.

Explore Electives

The American education system is known as among the best in the world, and there are good reasons why this is so. One of the biggest things a degree program offers is that it allows students to explore several electives before choosing one. A student can explore many classes apart from the subject they have decided to major in. Most colleges and universities in the USA will only make a student qualify if they have taken elective courses outside their major. This is great and is a good way of making the most of the study abroad experience. Taking on several electives, and most varied at that, will broaden perspectives and improve knowledge levels. 

Participate in Clubs and Organisations

Student life in the USA for an international student can get hectic, and it is an excellent idea to let off steam occasionally. The great thing is colleges and universities in the country have a strong club culture, and there are several in most. 

For any student, there will be a host of clubs to choose from depending on interests, likes, and courses. One can choose from sports, books, academics, arts, and cultural categories, and there will even be sub-categories. Clubs offer students a chance to make friends in a foreign land and also an opportunity to polish up their knowledge of something they find interesting.

There are history clubs, literature clubs, oratory clubs, and so much more that it will be fun to be part of them.

Join Sororities and Fraternities

This is another aspect of US colleges that international students find a lot of fun. Being invited to be a part of sororities and fraternities is certainly very exciting. There is a reputation for frivolity, but the truth is that they enhance the life of college students.

Many benefits are on offer for students with much better networking opportunities because sorority members can be beneficial in this regard. It can be a step up in one’s professional career. Also, sorority members get better housing than the ones available inside the college campus. And since sororities and fraternities often have their members maintain certain GPAs during their courses, members find themselves doing their best to achieve academic excellence to keep up.

Part-Time Jobs

One can also make the most of the opportunity of studying in the USA by taking up a part-time job. Tuition and living costs in the USA are costly for most Indian families, and taking up a part-time job helps relieve some of the financial burdens.

An Indian student can check their student Visa status to determine whether it allows for part-time work and how many hours they can work part-time.

Packing Must-Haves for Indian Students Going to Study Abroad in the USA

When a student is traveling to the USA for higher studies, it is integral that they carry enough clothing and other articles of daily use. Things will cost a lot more in the USA than in India, so it is wise to carry as much as possible.

Some things one must carry are as follows:

  • T-shirts

  • Jeans

  • Formal shirts and formal pants

  • A suit set

  • Lots of undergarments

  • Shorts

  • Track pants

  • Swimsuit or swim trunks

  • Traditional dress meant for festivals

  • Towels

  • Hand towels

  • Formal shoes

  • All-weather shoes

  • Socks

  • Sweaters and warm clothing

  • Jacket

  • Flip-flops

  • Bedsheets

  • Good wallet

Of course, many other items can go on the packing list, but it is essential to remember that most American airline companies will allow 2 luggage pieces per person, each amounting to at most 23 kg. Within this luggage limit, one must carry electronic gadgets and devices, including a laptop, laptop adapter, power bank, mobile charger, and personal care products.

Travel Must-Know Tips for Indian Students Going to the USA

Carry Documents: When traveling to the USA for the first time, it is normal to feel very apprehensive about what is going to happen. Keeping all documents in a file and carrying them is essential, including college admission paperwork, Visa documents, identity proofs, residence proofs, and anything else that may be needed.

Carry Homemade Foods: While there is a strict luggage limit for students traveling to the USA, homemade foods are a lifesaver for a person planning to stay away from home for the first time. Making space for masalas, pastes, condiments, pickles, and snacks is essential.

Charge Electronic Devices: Before the flight, one must ensure that one charges all electronic devices. Since it is going to be a long flight, and perhaps even a couple of flights to reach the destination, there will be a lot of time to kill, and having a laptop and phone charged is an excellent way to stay busy.

Getting An Internship In the USA as an International Student

The USA not just has the world’s largest economy, but it also has several good internships on offer for international students. So Indian students will get many internship opportunities to try while studying for their degrees there.

Here are some things to keep in mind if getting an internship is the key:

1. Visa Status: The first thing to check is whether one’s student Visa allows for internships. This is probably affirmative because most of the degrees or programs in the USA have some internship requirements attached to them. However, making sure before starting to apply is a great idea.

2. Summer Internships: Summer is when the student community in the USA is on an extended leave; hence, it is the perfect time to look for internships. A short summer internship can give an Indian student access to working and practical knowledge in some of the biggest companies in the country.

3. Paid Internships: While most internships will not be paid, there are some. Some of the best-paid internships available for Indian students in the USA are for Fashion Week in New York and Los Angeles, as ski and skateboard instructors, business analyst interns, and in the music industry.

4. Industries: Several industries take in interns regularly. Business, Media, Technology, Hospitality, Politics, and Culinary Arts are some of them, and they often offer paid internship programs.

It is critical to start applying for internships before they start so that a candidate can be considered.

Careers in the USA for Indian Students

The USA is a country that has excellent educational opportunities for international students, but that’s not all it has to offer. With excellent work-life balance and huge scope for career advancement, it helps Indian students maximize their life goals. Most Indian students who go to study also aim to work there.

While the healthcare sector remains a top recruiter in the country, many other industries take in new recruits all the time. There is a lot of work available for front-end workers, software developers, engineers, data scientists, physical therapists, business Development managers, and more,

In this, choosing the right course to study is highly crucial to career development. Some of the lucrative choices are:

  • Medical science

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • Business Management

  • Data Science

  • Robotics

  • Software Development

  • Surgeon

  • Anesthesiologist

  • Biotechnology

To maximize one’s career opportunities, here are some points to remember:

Network: It is crucial to keep networking and growing networks. Not just sticking to college professors and classmates but going out of one’s comfort zone and meeting other people to network is a great idea. One never knows whose recommendation will come in handy when one needs a push to get the perfect dream job.

On-Campus Employment: Getting an idea about the work culture by opting for on-campus placement is wonderful. It will help get some money in and also be an excellent way to meet new people.

Off-Campus Employment: One can also get off-campus employment depending on whether the Visa allows for that. The
USA is a lovely country to pursue one’s education in, and one can maximize their experience in several ways. Whether working or playing, making friends, settling down, or looking for the dream job, the country has much to offer international students.

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    To study MBA in the USA, you need to follow these steps: 1. Research and select the universities you want to apply to based on your preferences and eligibility. 2. Take the required exams such as GMAT or GRE, and TOEFL or IELTS if you are an international student. 3. Prepare a strong application package including transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and resume. 4. Apply to the universities of your choice following their application deadlines and instructions. 5. Upon acceptance, apply for a student visa and make necessary travel arrangements. Please note that the specific requirements and procedures may vary by university, so it is important to carefully review the information provided by each institution.

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