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Of all the universities in Finland, Aalto University is one of the best. Thousands of aspirants apply annually to pursue UG and PG courses at this coveted university. This esteemed University also supports an extensive array of research-based studies. 

According to QS World University Rankings, this institution enjoys a 109th rank and is the 25th Best University in Europe. Established in 2010, combining three Universities, this one is a public University with a special emphasis on research-based programmes. 

The three Universities the Finnish government chose to combine to form this prestigious institution are Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, and University of Arts and Design Helsinki. 

This University got its name from the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. With its multi-faculty education system, this University contributes substantially to the global knowledge economy. 

Aalto University Highlights

  • Aalto University is one of the leading institutions in Finland for Business studies, economics, engineering, and design.  
  • This university has been involved in groundbreaking research in the fields of physics and chemistry. 
  • Aalto University also has Nobel Laureates as professors.
  • Computer Science, Arts, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering are a few domains of study at Aalto University that students worldwide aspire to join.  
  • The research emphasis of this institution remains on domains like ICT, health, environment, business dynamics, etc. 

Aalto University Admissions 

Aalto University offers several English courses to international students. Non-EU students can apply for these courses. These include several UG courses along with numerous PG courses. 

UG Admission

  • The University opens the admission process for UG courses in January for its autumn session. 
  • Foreign students can find the application form at Studyinfo to apply to Aalto's UG courses. 
  • Proof of English language proficiency might be required for specific courses but not for all courses.  
  • All foreign students applying to Aalto’s UG courses should check the University website carefully, as the admission requirements vary from one department to another. 

PG Admissions 

  • To get admitted to one of Aalto’s PG courses, foreign students need to apply through the university's official portal. 
  • The admission process for the autumn session began almost a year ago every year. For autumn 2024, the admission process will be from November end 2023 to January 2024.  
  • Students can apply to 2 courses at a time and not more than that. 
  • English language proficiency score is not mandatory for a few courses and not all PG programs.  

Ph.D. Admissions 

  • For doctoral course admission, every department has a specific set of requirements. Therefore, students should refer to the University’s official website before applying. 
  • PhD admission often remains associated with a salaried position at the University. 

Eligibility Criteria

Aalto University is undoubtedly one of the best Universities in Finland. This can be an excellent institution for international students, especially for research work. 

  • Language Proficiency Test: To secure admission to Aalto University, international students from non-English speaking countries must submit Language Proficiency Test scores. However, this score is not necessary for all domains of studies. 
  • Academic Requirements: The student should have an excellent academic record for admission to UG courses. To pursue PG courses, international students should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University. For doctoral course admission, the students should have a Master’s degree. Since admission to this esteemed institution is competitive, the students will require good academic records. 

For more department and course-specific information, international students can visit www.studyinfo.fi. 

Aalto University Programs

Aalto University offers many UG and PG English courses for international students. 

UG Courses

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Business
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computational Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Systems & Design

PG Courses

  • M.Sc. in Architecture.
  • M.Sc. in Building Technology.
  • M.A. in Collaborative and Industrial Design.
  • M.A. in Contemporary Design.
  • M.A. in Creative Sustainability.
  • M.A. in Design for Theatre 
  • M.A.in Film and Television 
  • M.A.in Costume Design
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering

Aalto University Accommodations

Aalto University does not have on-campus stay options for international students.  However, the institution provides adequate guidance to look for suitable accommodations. Finding a place to stay in Helsinki will cost the international students more. The monthly rents can be as high as 500 Euros. Therefore, foreign students should look for accommodations away from the main city.  All parts of Finland have an equally good public transportation system. Therefore, attending the institution every day would not be an issue, no matter where a student stays. 

Both UG and PG students should look for accommodations before arriving in Finland. For doctoral students, rental accommodations in or around the city of Helsinki can be a good option. 

Staying in shared apartments further reduces the cost of living in Finland. Guest houses and Airbnb facilities are excellent alternatives for short-term or temporary accommodations. 

Aalto University Cost 

The cost of pursuing a course at Aalto University includes the cost of the course and living costs. For international students, this cost can vary depending on several aspects. The average cost of pursuing a Master’s degree at Aalto University is around 15,000 Euros. 

The tuition fee for a Bachelor’s degree is 12,000 Euros. Unless the student has a scholarship covering this cost entirely or partially, the tuition fee will only form part of the total cost. 

Cost of Course 

The duration of a bachelor’s degree at Aalto University is 3 years. The yearly tuition fee is around 12,000 Euros. Similarly, the yearly cost of pursuing a PG course is 15,000 Euros. PG courses continue for two years. 

Therefore, international students should apply for scholarships to make their education in Finland more affordable. 

Cost of Living

  • Food: 200 Euro
  • Housing: 400 Euro
  • Miscellaneous 100 Euro
  • Transport Cost: 100 Euro 

Aalto University Scholarships

A UG or PG course at Aalto University can be expensive unless the students secure a scholarship. For undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Aalto, several scholarships remain available for all the domains. For students from non-EU countries, these scholarships can be critical for continuing studies. 

  • Alto University Scholarships: These scholarships remain available for all domains and courses. But, getting these scholarships can be competitive. Sometimes, these scholarships cover the entire tuition fee, and sometimes, the coverage could be 50%. The University grants these Scholarships based on merit. 
  • Finland Scholarship: This one is available for Master’s degree students and belongs to the national Finland scholarship category. This scholarship is also given based on the merit of the students. Besides covering the entire tuition fee, it also grants 5000 Euros to the chosen students for other expenses.

International students can find more scholarship options on the University’s website, which they should explore before applying to any course. 

Aalto University Placements    

Aalto University prepares its students for the global market. After graduating from this esteemed University, several job openings remain open to the students. 

The University also has a student assistance cell that provides training and counseling to the learners to make them fit for the competitive world market. 

The institution also collaborates actively with several businesses and organizations where Aalto students might find adequate scopes to shape their careers. 

On the global employability ranking, Aalto University holds the 39th position. Therefore, studying at Aalto can be a rewarding opportunity for international students. 

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