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Founded in the year 1958, the University of Oulu is one of the biggest and most diverse academies to study in Finland. The university is well known as an international science university that creates new inroads of educational knowledge and scientific innovation. All this can help enhance the future through the path of learning and multidisciplinary research. The University of Oulu has close ties with all major research institutes, and private and public sector companies for a global innovation based on the latest research pathways.

University of Oulu Highlights:

The Oulu University presents numerous highlights that confirm it as one of the most popular study-abroad international destinations. Some of the superior features and facilities offered by this university include the following:

  • Almost 2.6 billion world citizens use the certified technologies developed at Oulu University

  • The university offers a unique opportunity to do extensive research in the Arctic due to its proximity to the place.

  • Students are offered excellent quality education with top-class efficiency

  • The researchers of Oulu University produce almost 3000 scientific data publications every year and various new scientific startup projects.

  • It imparts education to 13,900 students in eight different faculties

  • There are around 4000 employees at the University

  • Oulu University is a leading public university with a 313 ranking in the QS World University Rankings for the year 2024.

Oulu University Admission

The University of Oulu application process is conducted for international degree courses and doctoral-level training in 4 diverse doctoral training schedule programs. The courses are basically taught in the English language.The admission period starts in the month of January (for study programs starting in the autumn season). As an exchange student, one can visit the University for a complete academic year or even a shorter period (as an enrolled pupil of another academy).

The admission process is as stated below:

  • Aspiring students can fill out an online application at during the application month between January 3rd and January 17th.

  • Students need to upload scanned and certified copies of all educational data or documents, proof of exam results, and language skills.

  • Program-specific documents must also be attached to every online application

  • Students who have graduated from Finland universities have to update their school info in the studyinfo registry.

  • The documents uploaded in the application will be used by the university to assess the eligibility of students for various degree programs.

  • Students are sent invitations by email for future entrance examinations

  • The exam results of all selected students are published in the Spring

  • Students have to submit the documents before the deadline, otherwise, the student's place may be canceled.

University of Oulu Programs

The university offers almost twenty-one Master’s programs for 2 years and three Bachelor’s plus Master’s programs for 3 and 2 years respectively. The courses are taught in English Language.

MSC Architecture

MSC Biochemistry

MSC Biomedical Engineering

MSC Business Analytics

MSC Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

MSC Computer Science and Engineering

BSC and MSC Digitalization, Computing, & Electronics

MSC Economics

MA Education and Globalization

MSC Electronics

MSC Environmental Engineering

MSC Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science

MSC Finance

MSC Financial and Management Accounting

BSC and MSC Intercultural Teacher Education

BSC and MSC International Business Management

MSC International Business Management

MA Learning, Education, and Technology

Master's in Sustainable and Autonomous Systems

MSC Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining

MSC Re-designing the Post-Industrial City

MSC Product and Project Management

MSC Software Engineering and Information Systems

MSC Sustainable Marketing

MSC Wireless Communications Engineering

University of Oulu Accommodation

An international student in Finland studying at Oulu University can get help from PSOAS. The PSOAS provides student housing services in the city of Oulu. They offer decent and best quality accommodations with all the latest facilities to the university students.

PSOAS offers 3 types of accommodations:

  • Studio flats or apartments - The studio space is a small self-contained flat with a singular room and kitchen.

  • Shared apartments - These have two or three rooms including a bathroom and a kitchen to be shared with other students.

  • Family apartments - Some students who may move in with their family may want a family apartment with many options such as a living area, bedrooms, and kitchen.

The PSOAS application is credible only for 60 days. After that, students need not wait very long to get good apartments of their choice from PSOAS. There are several other options for students other than PSOAS such as Forenom, Lumo, Oulun Sivakka Oy, M2 Kodit, and Asuntoyhtyma.

The University of Oulu Living Cost

International students living alone could spend around 700 to 900 Euros per month. The living cost also depends on the area where a student may choose to live. While Helsinki is an expensive city to live in, Oulu, Pori, and Tampere are less-costly student-friendly cities.

Average budget for a student to stay in a large city:

  • Oulu - Approximate 660 Euro to 1000 Euro per month

  • Jyvaskyla - Approximate 700 Euro to 1100 Euro per month

  • Tampere - Approximate 870 Euro to 1300 Euro per month

Students can make an estimate depending on their choice of city and budget to seek education in Finland. Student habits and financial management capabilities can also determine their living cost.

Oulu University Scholarships

Oulu University students can avail of the Finland Scholarships. These scholarships are designed to help international students who come from outside Europe to gain admission to a Master’s degree studies at the university. Scholarships students can expect a smooth and worry-free start to their student lives.

Scholarships are granted to non-EU/EEA students who are skilled or gifted in their field of study and have applied for an international master’s program at Oulu University. The prized scholarships are given based on the student’s academic success. The Oulu University scholarships can cover the 1st year student tuition fee and also grant a relocation amount grant of 5000 Euros.

There are limited scholarships awarded to students and the actual amount is confirmed every year before the date of admission. Applying for Oulu University scholarships can be done at the same time as one applies for admission online to Oulu University.

Oulu University Placements

The university aids its students in shaping a bright career. Traineeship placements are said to be available in Finland. Oulu University also offers traineeship placements to its students to find work and internships. Students can find online websites devoted to Finland traineeship placement advertisements to the Oulu University.

The employers will state the degree courses related to their traineeship placements. Students are notified about the numerous choices about the programs and career paths via email. The smart way to find career paths and internships is to keep oneself active and keep putting in sincere efforts. Active students can aspire to connect with the right employer. Placements can also be sourced via private agencies and third parties.

Other Universities in Finland that you might be interested are as follows,

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