Norwegian School of Sport Sciences:

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Study Abroad Team 25/03/2024

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Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Highlights 

  This Norwegian school offers several unique features, making it a well-reputed institution globally. Below are some distinct highlights of NSSS. 

  • The university gives a considerable amount of importance to sports medicine and is highly renowned for its research in this field, often being known as the go-to institution for expertise in sports medicine. 

  • The university was founded in 1968 and is a comparatively newer institution. 

  • The institution has 4 notable alumni, including Thomas Gronnevik, Øyvind Bakke, and Christine Helle. 

  • Since the institution is known for its elite sports programs, it encourages a holistic approach to fitness and physical well-being by promoting regular physical activity among students and faculty members.  

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Admission 

When it comes to overall competitiveness, the institution is relatively selective. According to the latest statistics, it has an acceptance rate of 24 for the year 2023, which is high compared to other universities or colleges in Norway. 

Below are the basic entry requirements international students must fulfill to be eligible for admission into this institution. 

Admission Eligibility Requirements for Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo 

  • All Indian students applying for PhD courses must apply through the institution’s online application portal. Students should ensure they apply only via the official website, and no other applications would be entertained. 

  • Students applying for doctoral programs must have completed a two-year master’s or its equivalent in the field of sports sciences with an average B score. 

  • Besides, students must have the necessary documents required while applying for enrollment. This includes test scores of English language proficiency tests (preferably IELTS or TOEFL), a research proposal outline for MA and Ph.D. programs, a student visa, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, proof of financial resources, a CV/Resume, passport, proof of fees payment, and health insurance. 

  • Since both master’s and doctoral programs can have different program-specific requirements, students are advised to visit the school’s official website to get accurate details about their chosen research program. 

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo Programs 

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) offers several high-quality programs for students to study at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Some programs, especially those at the master's level, are offered in English to accommodate international students.  

Following bachelor-level programs are offered at the institution: 

  • Coaching and Sport Psychology 

  • Exercise, Health, and Performance 

  • Sport Management 

  • Outdoor Studies 

  • Adapted Physical Activity 

  • Sports Medicine and Health Sciences 

All these undergraduate programs can be extended to Master level programs. Additionally, the Ph.D. research program is a further 3-year extension from a master-level degree in sports science.  

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo Accommodation 

Housing at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences is run in partnership with the SiO, the student welfare organization in Oslo. Students can apply for residences online through the official SiO website, where they can find information regarding different accommodation options.  

Below are some of the recommended neighborhoods where students are advised to look for housing options near the college campus.  

Kringsjå Student Village: This village is a residential neighborhood located in northern Oslo and is one of the most sought-after housing destinations among kids studying at NIH. It is situated around 50 meters away from the institute campus, making it a very convenient choice among students. Furthermore, the neighborhood is known for its quiet and peaceful environment, which can be relaxing after a hectic day on campus.  

Sogn Student Village: This is the second largest village offered by SiO, after Kringsjå Student Village. Located in the district of Sogn, the village provides housing units in all shapes and sizes. Students can find grocery shops, kindergartens, and the activity house Amatøren inside the village. The village has 1683 housing units, from single rooms to large flats. 

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo Costs 

The budget is one of the most important things to consider while planning to study abroad. Below is a briefing on tuition fees and estimated accommodation costs required to study at NIH. 

Course Fee 

While the institution is tuition-free for domestic students, international students are charged a significant tuition fee yearly. 

Undergraduate Programs Tuition Fee: Ranging from 50,000 NOK to 100,000 NOK per year 

Postgraduate Programs Tuition Fee: Also ranging from 50,000 NOK to 100,000 NOK per year 

PhD Programs Tuition Fee: Tuition-free for all students, irrespective of nationality 

Accommodation Costs  

Rooms at Kringsjå and Sogn Student Village are offered in the range of 3500 to 6000 NOK monthly. Additionally, it would be reasonable to expect an extra expense of NOK 12000 to NOK 20000 for food, books, and travel per semester. 

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo Scholarships 

For Indian students who want to fund their education in Norway, grants and scholarships would be their best bet. Besides university scholarships, students can also explore some of the following external scholarship ways that provide significant funding to students lacking adequate financial resources. 

Government Scholarships: The government plays a vital role in offering scholarships, grants, and financial aid to international students seeking funds for tuition and living expenses. Students can check out the details online on application portals by the government of Norway.  

Research Fellowships and Grants: For students pursuing Ph.D. programs, research grants are a great way to receive some extra funding. The government and private institutions provide financial aid to students to continue their thesis effectively. 

Sports Scholarships: The government and NIH offer sports scholarships to students who excel in their respective sports. These scholarships differ from traditional academic merit scholarships and focus more on student-athlete credits.  

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo Placements 

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences offers top career opportunities for its graduates. A degree from NSSS prepares students for exciting and wide-ranging opportunities. International and domestic students who graduate from this institution work in diverse jobs in sports medicine and education. Students are also provided with needed guidance and assistance to prepare them for real-world work experience in exercise and sports sciences.  

The college has a moderately good employment rate. For bachelor’s, the graduation rate is around 76%, whereas for master's programs, the graduation rate is 90%. Alumni of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences have found high-paying work as: 

  • Teachers in Schools and Colleges in the field of Sports Science 

  • Project Managers in private as well as public sectors 

  • Trainers, coaches, and physiologists for various well-known athletes and sportsmen 

  • Organizers for sports federations and other events 

  • Professors in many prestigious universities  

  • Researchers in the field of sports medicine 

  • Tour leaders for adventure and outdoor life 

  • Sports Scientists 

  • Nutrition Experts and Dieticians 

  • Sports or Media Journalists

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