University of Copenhagen: Ranking, Courses, Admission, Fees, Scholarship & Placements

Ranking, Courses, Admission, Fees, Scholarship & Placements

Study Abroad Team 25/03/2024

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As its name suggests, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is an academic institution in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is one of the most prestigious research universities in the country. The current QS Ranking of the University of Copenhagen is 107, while its U.S. News & World Report Ranking is 42. 

Being a university established in 1479, UCPH is the second-oldest Scandinavian university after Sweden’s Uppsala University. Currently, UCPH has four main campuses: the North Campus, the City Campus, the South Campus, and the Frederiksberg Campus. All four campuses are located in Copenhagen. 

There’s one more campus called the Taastrup Campus, which is situated along the Danish capital’s western outskirts. The Taastrup Campus is primarily used by the university’s Faculty of Science and Medical Sciences. Besides that, the university also operates 122 research centers and 36 departments in the city. The Danish Accreditation Institution accredits UCPH. 

The University of Copenhagen Highlights 

Here are some highlights of the University of Copenhagen: 

  • The University of Copenhagen is ranked 5th on the list of top universities in Europe. 

  • The total area covered by the university is 951,211 square meters. Out of it, research areas cover around 213,000 square meters, while education areas cover approximately 124,600 square meters. The remaining parts of the university campus are assigned to several other crucial facilities. 

  • The university has over 10,000 employees, of whom more than 5,000 are researchers. The number of students studying at the university currently is 36,715. Of them, 21,378 are completing their bachelor’s degree, while 15,337 have enrolled in master’s degree programs.

  • UCPH is known for having a notable share of international students. Currently, the university has around 6,000 students from different parts of the globe. However, it is not easy for international students to get admission to the university. For them, admission at UCPH is always selective and competitive. The institution’s acceptance rate for international students ranges between 40% and 50%. 

University of Copenhagen Admissions 

Basic Requirements: All students, irrespective of the country they belong to, can seek admission at UCPH after completing their secondary or high school education. Indian students must remember that the university teaches all its bachelor’s degree programs in Danish. So, to get admission for an undergraduate course at the institution, one would require high levels of knowledge in Danish. The applicant will need to present documents showcasing their Danish language skills. 

To get admission to an undergraduate program (except Musicology and Theology) at the university, a student must have a grade point average (GPA) equivalent to Danish 6.0 in Grade 12. The score requirements, however, vary from one program to another. 

To apply for a master’s degree program, the applicant must complete a relevant bachelor’s degree program or its equivalent. The university has 53 master’s degree programs that are taught in English. To get admission in one of those programs, the students must have any one of these:

  • A TOEFL score of 83

  • An IELTS score of 6.5 

  • Passing level C1 or C2 of the Cambridge English Proficiency Test 

The remaining programs are taught in Danish and thus require the applicants to have Danish language skills. 

Document Requirements: To begin the admission process, the applicant will need to submit certain documents. The documents required for admission to an undergraduate course in UCPH are:

  • Documents to prove Danish language proficiency. 

  • Academic transcripts 

  • AP exam score report 

  • Supplement essays

  • Portfolios, videos, or audio recordings for specific courses 

  • LORs (letters of recommendation) 

  • Financial documents 

  • A filled-out fee waiver form (necessary for students seeking fee waiver) 

The documents required for admission to a post-graduate course in UCPH are:

  • Documents to prove Danish or English language proficiency, depending on the course the aspirant is applying for 

  • Academic transcripts 

  • Standardized score (SS) report 

  • CV/Resume 

  • LORs (the number of LORs needed varies from one course to another) 

  • Supplement Essays 

  • Portfolios, videos, or audio recordings for certain courses 

  • Financial documents 

  • A filled-out fee waiver form (necessary for students seeking fee waiver) 

Admission Process for Undergraduate Courses: Aspirants seeking admission to an undergraduate course in UCPH can submit their application at Optagelse is the most popular application portal for students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in Danish institutions. Students can choose any one from Quota 1 and Quota to when submitting their application. 

The Quota 1 applicants will get admission based only on their scores in Grade 12. Here, it must be mentioned that the university will process applications of students meeting entry requirements for Quota 1 in that quota by default, even if they apply in Quota 2. To be eligible for Quota 2, the applicants must do the following. 

  • Have a qualifying test. 

  • Meet language requirements. 

  • Pass every admission requirement for the specific degree program. 

  • Appear for the Quota 2 examination and pass it (applicants can appear for this exam only if they meet all admission requirements for the undergraduate program they are applying for). 

Admission Process for PG Courses: Aspirants looking to join PG courses at UCPH can submit their applications at The portal allows applicants to apply for three UCPH courses at a time. 

The University of Copenhagen Programs 

The UCPH programs enjoying maximum popularity among international students are those taught in English. Here are some courses Indian students find interest in:

  • MSc Actuarial Mathematics

  • MSc Biology

  • MSc Chemistry

  • MSc Biotechnology 

  • MSc Climate Change

  • MSc Environmental Science

  • MSc Geology-Geoscience 

  • MSc Anthropology 

  • MSc Economics 

  • MA Cognition and Communication 

  • MSc Neuroscience 

  • MSc Medicinal Chemistry 

University of Copenhagen Accommodations

UCPH doesn’t have any on-campus accommodation options for students. Students studying at this Danish university should be prepared to arrange their accommodation. Thanks to the excellent location of the university, they shouldn’t find it challenging to get suitable housing options close to the campus. All kinds of accommodation options are available for international students, including houses, private apartments, student residences, collegiums, and dormitories. UCPH, however, encourages students to opt for shared accommodation as it helps them bond with peers and reduces expenses significantly. 

The University of Copenhagen Cost 

Cost of Course

  • EU/EEA students enrolled for undergraduate courses at the university can complete their education free of cost. 

  • For others (including Indian students), the course fees of bachelor’s degree programs range between INR 9 lakh and INR 15.5 lakh. 

  • The cost of a master’s degree at the university is approximately 9.05 lakhs. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living for international students studying at UCPH will range from INR 1.15 lakhs to INR 1.6 lakhs per month. One may, however, need to spend depending on his or her housing type and lifestyle choices. 

University of Copenhagen Scholarships

The Danish government has a scholarship program for international students pursuing master’s degrees at the university. The Danish Government Scholarship program enables tuition waivers and offers grants every year to international post-graduate students at UCPH. Under certain circumstances, the program also provides students an additional sum to cover their living expenses in Copenhagen. 

Here are the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship: 

  • Should not be a citizen of Switzerland or EU and EEA

  • Must complete their admission to a post-graduate degree program.

  • Must acquire a temporary residence permit for completing higher education in Denmark.

  • The scholarship is not for Danish citizens. 

  • is not for students eligible to receive a grant under the Danish Loan Scheme

  • The scholarship is not for students eligible for the Danish State Educational Grant 

The University of Copenhagen Placements  

Individuals completing their higher education from UCPH can expect to earn between INR 62 lakhs and INR 1.4 crore per annum as freshers. 

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