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Study Abroad Team 25/03/2024

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Roskilde University was established in the year 1972 as a Danish public university. The university, situated in Trekroner or Roskilde’s eastern part, offers a variety of courses and allows both local and international students to earn their bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. The students can choose any of the courses from disciplines like humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

When the university was set up, its primary mission was to offer students the kind of education different from the kind traditional Danish universities were providing then. Since young students at that time found most traditional Danish universities to be democratic and rigid, they flocked to Roskilde University to enroll themselves in it. 

The University of Roskilde Highlights

  • Roskilde University is administered by a board which has 9 members. Out of these 9 members, 5 are recruited from outside the confines of the university. The scientific staff and administrative staff appoint 1 member each. The university students appoint 2 members. 

  • The university board appoints the rector who, in turn, appoints the deans and heads of departments. 

  • The university doesn’t have a faculty senate. Faculty members do not play any part in the appointment of department heads, rector, and deans. This is one of those Danish universities where there is no faculty governance. 

  • Roskilde University operates on the principles of democracy, freedom of thought, and overall development of students. 

  • The university has a very social environment that helps students thrive and excel in academics and extra-curricular activities. 

  • All leading ranking facilities, including the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings, have highly ranked the university. 

  • The university has provided education to several globally renowned names like Vincent F. Hendricks, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, Christine Lorentzen, Mette Abildgaard, Hartmut Haberland, and Eyðgunn Samuelsen.

University of Roskilde Admissions

  • The University of Roskilde has a straightforward process that most international students can follow easily. 

  • Firstly, the student must be clear about the course or program they want to enroll in. After that, they have to visit the university's official website ( and apply through it. The next step involves paying the application fee. For international students, except for those who belong to EU/EEA, the application fee is 1.230 DKK or 165 EUR.

University of Roskilde Eligibility Criteria

  • International students must be aware of the documents they must submit while applying for a course or program at Roskilde University. One of the most essential documents they need to submit is their upper secondary school certificate or transcript. 

  • The I-20 documents, including their bank statement, passport, transfer verification form, and visa, must also be submitted. International students must also submit their Danish Residence permit and a verification form. A motivational letter and a CV would also be required from a Quota 2 applicant. 

  • Unlike many other regional universities, the University of Roskilde doesn’t require students to appear for an English language proficiency test. It, however, expects students to have a decent command of the language to understand all that is taught in class. If an international student is planning to take up a course taught in Danish, they should have A-level proficiency in Danish.

  • International students can apply for a course or program the University of Roskilde offers through two methods or quotas. While Quota 1 is driven by merit, Quota 2 is characterized by the applicant's skills. 

University of Roskilde Programs

  • The University of Roskilde has multiple courses across three disciplines: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. If an international student is interested in these three disciplines, they should consider studying at the University of Roskilde. 

  • One of the most popular courses at the University of Roskilde is Bachelor in Environmental Biology. The duration of this course is 36 months, and the tuition fee charged for it is $18,000 per annum. Many international students also opt for B.Soc.Sc. in International Studies, a course whose duration is 36 months. For this course, a student must pay a tuition fee of $8,700 annually. 

  • Those interested in social sciences can choose from courses like M.Sc. in Global and Development Studies, M.Sc. in Media and Communication, M.Sc. in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, and M.Sc. in Nordic Urban Planning Studies, among others. 

  • An international student interested in natural sciences can choose from courses like M.Sc. in Chemical Biology, M.Sc. in Physics and Scientific Modeling, M.Sc. in Molecular Health Science, and M.Sc. in Mathematical Bioscience.

University of Roskilde Accommodations

  • After applying to the University of Roskilde, international students should start looking for accommodation options immediately. Since the university is in Roskilde, Denmark, students should look for accommodation in the city. 

  • Most students studying in Danish universities opt for private or shared apartments. Some go for dorms or residential halls, referred to as ‘kollegium’ in Danish. 

  • When international student is looking for an apartment or a similar accommodation facility in Denmark, they must know that they would have to pay three months of rent as a part of a mutually signed rental lease. They will get their deposit back when they finish their course and move out of the apartment. If they wish to terminate a lease agreement, they must inform the landlord three months in advance.

  • There are several online platforms through which international students can rent out apartments in Denmark. While some of the apartments are furnished, many of them do not have furniture and other items. Based on their budget, an international student can rent out an apartment or a private room in an apartment. 

  • After an applicant gets the confirmation that the University of Roskilde has accepted their application, they should start looking for an accommodation facility closer to the university immediately. Many make the mistake of looking for accommodation after arriving in Denmark and going through a lot of struggles.

University of Roskilde Scholarships

Before applying for a course or program offered by the University of Roskilde, international students should check out the scholarships and grants they can avail of. 

Education Future International Scholarship: This scholarship can be applied for by international students who want to acquire a bachelor’s or master’s degree by studying at the University of Roskilde. Getting this scholarship would help a student partially cover their education expenses while studying at the University of Roskilde.

Ethicon Foundation Fund Travel Grants: This grant is offered to international students who plan to take a medicine-based course at the University of Roskilde. It is offered to students from all nationalities and partially covers their educational costs.

Wahlgrenska Foundation Scholarships: The Wahlgrenska Foundation Scholarships are designed for international students wanting to pursue a mass media course at the University of Roskilde. There is no nationality-based barrier when it comes to applying for this scholarship.

SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Program: This fellowship offers partial funding to research scholars planning to study at the University of Roskilde. Students from all nationalities can apply for this.

University of Roskilde Placements 

Since one of the operating principles of the University of Roskilde is student development, it provides students with a plethora of employment and placement opportunities. While in the final year of a particular course, students can apply for internship opportunities. After completing the course, they can look forward to appearing for interviews organized on the campus. 

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