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Study Abroad Team 27/12/2023
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Data science as a subject is multi-disciplinary and covers more than one area. As data scientists, students will use mathematical and scientific methods to analyze and organize data. Data is rapidly changing the world, and the deficit in the talent industry is rising.

With businesses realizing the significance of leveraging data to gain a competitive edge, there has been an increase in job opportunities. With an excellent reputation for higher education, France is an ideal option for any international student.

Study in France as it has a high-quality academic system. The French education system is also accessible incredibly. France is among the top countries to pursue data science because of its highly advanced education and learning facilities. French universities have an excellent placement record, making the country a favorite among international students.

Why Study MS in Data Science in France? 

France is a culturally rich country. It is also a country famous for producing some of the greatest scientists, thinkers, and artists. One can study in France as the country's universities have a good reputation for being the flagbearer in scientific research.

And nowadays, they are introducing students to emerging technologies like data science. France is the fourth most popular country for higher education in the world. Furthermore, France boasts one of the highest rates of university attendance globally.

More than 30% of France's population is enrolled at French universities. Here are some reasons aspirants should seek admission to a university in France for MS in data science.

France Boasts Huge Employment Opportunities

Many reputed companies like Airbus and L'Oréal have their headquarters in France. Moreover, Paris is the hotbed for tech startups. After graduating from a French university with a degree in Data Science, one will get lucrative job opportunities.

France Offers Excellent Research Opportunities 

Students can avail great research opportunities by seeking admission to a university in France for MS in data science. For instance, the France National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR) is one of the leading research organizations. Annually, it supports over 32,000 researchers. Aspirants can pursue research in Data Science at the NCSR after graduating.

Internationally-Renowned System for Higher Education 

France is well-known for its excellence in higher education and research. French researchers are pretty popular. The country has a unique record of winning sixty-two Noble Prizes. The authorities in France are serious about the education sector in the country. The education sector receives almost 20% of the budget among other sectors. Therefore, France is a great place for Indian students to pursue their data science degrees.

Top 10 Universities  in France for MS in Data Science

It is an excellent opportunity to study in France for Indian students because of the presence of reputed universities. Most Indian students prefer studying in France because of the affordable cost of living. The leading universities for data science in France offer decent research opportunities.

Typically, the average annual salary of a student in France is approximately 42000 Euros. Here are the top ten universities where Indian students can pursue their MS in Data Science.

1. Emlyon Business School 

If a student is looking for a university to study in France for Indian students, the Emlyon Business School will consistently rank higher. The duration of a Master's in Data Science at the Emlyon Business School is two years. This program provides the aspirants with a solid understanding of the latest techniques and technologies for data assessment and interpretation.

The course at this university imparts critical skills to students like statistical analysis, machine learning, big data processing, etc. Emlyon Business School is hugely popular in France and Europe because of its adherence to world-class teaching practices. 

2. Toulouse Business School

It is one of the top France universities for international students. The Toulouse Business School offers MS in Data Science to international students. The program is taught entirely in English, that's great for Indian students.

With this course, students can learn to design data analysis projects. Students can also learn the proper use of statistical software tools. International students also have the opportunity to master their proficiency in Big Data Analytics at this university. 

3. SKEMA Business School 

At the SKEMA Business School, MS in Data Science is a multi-disciplinary program. Indian students can build computer science, business intelligence, and data engineering skills.

The main objective of MS in Data Science at SKEMA Business School is to train students in analyzing and managing large data sets. It is a 2-year program developed by SKEMA Business School by collaborating with reputed French companies like Orange. The language of instruction of this course is English.

4. Ecole Polytechnique

Established in 1794, École Polytechnique is a top university for data science in France. It is a world-class French institution that has produced renowned graduates, including three French presidents. The MS in Data Science at École Polytechnique is of two years.

By enrolling at the École Polytechnique, one can master the key tools and skills of data science. At the end of the course, students will acquire skills in mathematics, deep learning, and statistical learning.  

5. ESSCA School of Management

The ESSCA School of Management is one of the best France universities for international students. Aspirants can gain critical skills in mathematics, computer sciences, and statistics.

One of the key highlights of MS in Data Science at this university is that it offers a cross-curricular learning approach. ESSCA has a strong international profile and offers great placement to international students. The university provides its graduates with unrivaled career opportunities.  

6. CentraleSupelec

The Master's Program in Data Science at CentraleSupélec is a joint collaboration between CentraleSupélec and École Polytechnique. International students can master their skills with various courses in France. The data science program combines machine learning, algorithms, and statistics. Students can gain good practical skills with the R Studio data analysis tool.

7. Institute Polytechnic De Paris

The MS in Data Science at the Institute Polytechnic De Paris combines statistics, mathematics, and science in a single degree. The prestigious CNRS has developed the Institute Polytechnic De Paris data science course.

The course offers a multi-disciplinary approach to data science. Students must participate in research and internship while pursuing MS in data science at Institute Polytechnic De Paris.

8. KEDGE Business School 

MS in data science at the KEDGE Business School prepares students to evolve as professionals. The course trains students to bridge the skills gap between data processing techniques and data specialists. This course also prepares international students to apply AI and ML to big data processing.

9. EDC Paris Business School 

Founded in 1950, the EDC Paris Business School is one of the best universities to pursue an MS in data science. English is the medium of instruction for MS in Data Science at EDC Paris Business School. The program's main objective is to equip students with data analysis and data management skills.

10. Universite Coted Azur

Taught completely in English, this 2-year MS in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course is one of the best in France. While pursuing MS in data science at this university, seeking an internship to streamline data analysis skills is mandatory. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top France universities for international students for MS in data science.

How to Choose the Best Universities in France for MS in Data Science? 

Here are some ways to choose the best university in France for an MS in data science.

Curriculum Should be Industry-Ready and Updated 

The curriculum of the university in France to which the student is seeking admission should be updated. The field of data science is ever-evolving. An updated curriculum will help an aspirant get good employment opportunities.

Practical Learning Modules 

The data science course at the French university should have a higher number of practical learning modules. This will help the student advance their fundamental big data analysis skills.

Placement Opportunities 

Before seeking admission for MS in data science at French universities, one should know the placement opportunities.

List of International Fellowships Granted by Universities in France  

Here is the list of international fellowships granted by universities in France.

  • Université Paris-Saclay International Master's Scholarships
  • Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students
  • Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Scholarships
  • ENS International Selection Scholarships


Data science has become a popular field of academics and research. With the ever-increasing importance of data in various fields, top MNCs and companies are employing data science professionals. Pursuing data science in France is pretty popular among international students.

Indian students can enrich their skills in various aspects of data science. Data science courses taught in French universities are multi-disciplinary. Therefore, one can gain expertise in numerous in-demand skills like statistics, data modeling, R Studio, etc. Let's hope the information above will be useful for data science aspirants studying in France.   

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