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Study Abroad Team 26/03/2024

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École Polytechnique, also referred to as Polytechnique or I’X, is a highly reputed educational institution based in Palaiseau, France. The institution, which happens to be a founding member of the revered Polytechnic Institute of Paris, is known for its specialized courses in science and engineering for students looking to study in France.

Founded in 1794 by renowned mathematician Gaspard Monge, École Polytechnique has a long-standing history. The education institution, which was militarized under French military commander Napoleon I, continues to be supervised and guided by the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

École Polytechnique Highlights

  • Since the year 1985, École Polytechnique has been giving out doctorate degrees to students looking to study in France. 2005 onwards, it started awarding master’s degrees, and students have been receiving bachelor’s degrees since 2017.
  • Though the educational institution took a while to adapt itself to modern educational practices, it is now at the forefront of bringing innovation to the educational sector in France. Apart from decorated military officers, those who studied at École Polytechnique have become civil servants and top executives in business organizations.
  • The engineering graduate program offered by the École Polytechnique is known to churn out some bright minds that make a name for themselves globally. While three of its engineering graduates have served as Presidents of France, and three have been Nobel Prize winners.
  • Some of the most renowned modern-day mathematicians like Coriolis, Benoît Mandelbrot, Cauchy, Henri Poincaré, and Laurent Schwartz have graduated from École Polytechnique. The institution has also served as the educational hub for physicists like Ampère, Becquerel, Carnot, and Fresnel.

École Polytechnique Admissions

While the admission requirements for a student depends on the course they are applying for, there are some general admission requirements which everybody has to adhere to. Awareness of these requirements will make applying for a course or program offered by École Polytechnique easier for an international student looking to study in France.

  • An international student planning to apply for a course at the École Polytechnique should have a high school certificate given by a recognized educational institution. They would also need to have a high school leaving certificate while putting across their application.
  • After a student decides the field of study they want to opt for, they should work towards getting an entrance certificate.
  • Since École Polytechnique primarily offers courses in science and engineering, the applicant needs to show that they have a good command of Mathematics and have also studied science in high school.
  • To get admission to École Polytechnique, an international student is required to have a strong academic score. The Common European Framework of References for Languages requires a student to clear Level C1.
  • If an international student plans to do a Master’s course at École Polytechnique, they should have an undergraduate degree provided by an accredited college or university. For specific courses, the GRE score of the student will be checked.
  • At École Polytechnique, an international student will be taught and communicated in English. If an international student is not proficient in English, they cannot get admission to the institution. Therefore, an international student must appear for one of the English language proficiency tests before applying for any course. If the student appears for a TOEFL iBT test, they must score at least 90. Those who appear for the IELTS need to score a minimum of 6. Those who appear for CAE/CPE must score at least 176 and a minimum of 169 in each skill.

École Polytechnique Eligibility Criteria

  • International students looking to study in Francemust go through the eligibility criteria stated by École Polytechnique carefully before going through the application process. Failing to submit an important document or not making the submissions on time could lead to a student waiting for another academic year to go through the application process again.
  • First and foremost, international students must submit all their academic transcripts, giving a detailed account of their last three years of high school or secondary education.
  • If the student is currently studying in Grade 10 or Grade 12, they will have to show academic transcripts or documents from Grades 9, 10, and 11. If the student has graduated, they must submit academic transcripts of Grades 11 and 12.
  • The documents submitted by the international student should either be in English or French. If the documents are in another language, they must be translated into either of these two languages.
  • Apart from academic transcripts, some of the most important documents an international student needs to produce are a copy of their passport, passport-sized photographs, a well-written resume, financial documents, and reference letters.

École Polytechnique Programs

  • As an educational institution, École Polytechnique is primarily known for courses or programs entrenched in science and engineering. Any international student with a background in science and mathematics can apply for the courses or programs offered by École Polytechnique.
  • Visiting the official website of École Polytechnique/ will help students looking to study in Franceunderstand all the courses or programs offered by the university.
  • The Bachelor of Science program offered by École Polytechnique is one of the most preferred options for international students. A large number of international students who have already completed their education apply for the Master of Science program. The university also offers a wide range of PhD programs. Many international students have benefited in their professional careers by doing a dual engineering course from École Polytechnique.

École Polytechnique Accommodations

  • École Polytechnique has as many as 1,500 apartments designated for its students. These highly comfortable apartments offer all the modern facilities and amenities a student could want.
  • The institute also has a tie-up with a hotel where 50 rooms have been set aside for its students. International students from different countries are prioritized when allotting the various accommodation facilities. 

École Polytechnique Scholarships

An international student who plans to study at École Polytechnique can apply for a few scholarships the university has designed for them. The university offers scholarships to students based on various factors like academic merit, scores in a particular examination, and financial needs.

  • Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships can be availed of by students who require financial assistance to study at École Polytechnique and live in France. Depending on the overall tuition fee, any amount between EUR 1,000 and 11,000 is provided to undergraduate and postgraduate students as a part of this scholarship.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships

The Excellence Scholarship and Women in Science Scholarship is one of the significant merit-based scholarships awarded by École Polytechnique to undergraduate students. Those who get this scholarship will receive an amount of EUR 4,000 annually. While this particular scholarship is designed exclusively for female students, many other merit-based scholarships have been carved out for both genders.

  • Living Costs Scholarships

While these scholarships are similar to need-based scholarships, they are specifically designed to help international students cover their living expenses while studying in France. The scholarship amount is determined after gauging the requirements of the student.

École Polytechnique Placements

  • If an international student studies in a university with an excellent global ranking, they can expect to be placed in a well-paying job. The US News and World Report ranks École Polytechnique #342 in the list of Best Global Universities. Given the institution's reputation, international student faces no challenges while seeking placement opportunities after completing their program.
  • During the placement season, several reputed companies based in France visit École Polytechnique and hire students for various positions. The majority of local and international students get jobs through in-campus placements.

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