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Study Abroad Team 26/03/2024

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Università degli Studi di Padova, popularly known as the University of Padua, is one of Italy’s most prestigious and well-reputed institutions for higher education. Established in 1222, the university holds records for being one of the oldest institutions in the world.  The University of Padua has diverse programs, courses, faculty, and departments covering modern education across various fields, such as humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.  

Below is a complete guide to all the details applicants need to know about this university, including the application process, admission requirements, tuition and accommodation costs, scholarships, etc. 

University of Padua, Italy Highlights 

The university offers several unique features that might interest Indian students planning to study here in the coming years. Below are some unique facts, figures, and highlights that set this university apart from the rest of the higher-education institutions in Italy.

  • The University’s Botanical Garden, formed in 1545, is a standout feature. It is said that the garden is the oldest botanical garden worldwide and continues to be an essential hub for research and development even now. 
  • The University of Padua also incorporates an extensive library system, housing several rare manuscripts and books, including the Biblioteca Antoniana, which contains about 800,000 volumes. 
  • More than 70,000 students are enrolled in the university, along with 2,800 faculty and staff members.  
  • The university also has an astronomical observatory founded in 1761, along with a Geologic Institute that houses a geological museum.
  • In the 16th and 17th centuries, Padua became a home to people who have changed the scientific history of humanity, such as Copernicus and Galileo Galilei.  

  University of Padua, Italy Admissions 

As of 2023, the university has an overall acceptance rate of around 35-40%, making it a moderately competitive university. Note that the acceptance rate is different for each course and international students. About 3.5% of students enrolled in the university belong to the international student community (around 2100 students). 

Below are some fundamental entry requirements for international students that every Indian candidate must fulfill to be eligible for admission into the University of Padua. 

Admission Eligibility Requirements for the University of Padua, Italy 

  • Indian students applying for undergraduate admissions must have completed 12 years of education and possess proof of documentation. 
  • In addition, almost all programs at this university require the applicant to exceed the minimum score in the university entrance exam. 
  • For programs taught in English, a minimum of B2 level proficiency in accepted language tests (IELTS and TOEFL) is required. 
  • Students must also document proof of completion of all consular procedures, such as study permit, student visa, passport, etc. 
  • Students applying for graduate programs must possess a minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution. 
  • Just like bachelor programs, a minimum B2 level proficiency is required in English language tests. 
  • Graduate students must also document all the necessary paperwork, including a bachelor’s degree completion certificate. 
  • Essentially, the bachelor's degree must be related to the applied program of study. 

University of Padua, Italy Programs 

The university offers diverse programs in Italian and English as a medium of instruction. For Indian students looking for English-taught lectures in Italy, below are some popular and sought-after programs offered by the University of Padua in English. 

Undergraduate Programs at the University of Padua  

  • Animal Care 
  • Information Engineering 
  • Psychological Science 
  • Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
  • Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science 
  • Medicine and Surgery 
  • Biology of Human and Environmental Health 
  • Earth and Climate Dynamics 

Postgraduate Programs at the University of Padua 

  • Biotechnologies for Food Science 
  • Chemical and Processes Engineering 
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Control Systems Engineering 
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies 
  • Italian Food and Wine
  • Economics and Finance 
  • Physics 
  • Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology 
  • Molecular Biology
  • Human Rights and Multi-level Governance
  • Geophysics for Natural Risks and Sources 

University of Padua, Italy Accommodation 

  • The University of Padua offers several residences, colleges, apartments, and establishments as a part of its rental agreements to its students. 
  • The International Housing Office of the institute reserves special accommodation for international students. 
  • Besides, the university also hosts a competition each year for the allocation of ESU housing. 
  • ESU provides housing alternatives to over 1400 students (who aren’t from Padua) in its residence halls, usually in the city center neighborhood or buildings close to the campus. 
  • ESU hosts a competition to allocate accommodation in these residence halls each year. Students can refer to the ESU’s website for more information regarding requirements, deadlines, and application procedures. 
  • Students can also look for off-campus private accommodation alternatives by utilizing local real estate agencies and student housing organizations in case they fail to get selected for residence halls allocated by the university itself. 
  • City Center and Santa Giustina are popular neighborhoods around campus with top-class amenities and the best bus routes. 

 University of Padua, Italy Costs 

Studying in Italy can get financially demanding, especially for international applicants. Below are brief details about the tuition fees and accommodation costs Indian students can expect when studying at the University of Padua, Italy. 

Course Fee

Tuition fees at the university are to be paid depending upon the degree program, which is divided into three sections. For students who are non-European by citizenship, the course fee is as follows: 

  • Group A – Humanistic: 2,642 EUR 
  • Group B – Scientific: 2,739 EUR 
  • Group C – Primary Teacher Education: 3,075 EUR 

Accommodation Costs 

Accommodation Costs at the university vary mainly depending upon the type of accommodation chosen by the student. Below are the estimated rent and living costs for the year 2023. Note that these figures are only estimates and average amounts.  


  • Single Room – Anywhere between 300 to 400 EUR 
  • Double-Sharing Room – Anywhere between 200 to 350 EUR 
  • Apartment/Flat - Starting from 500 EUR 

Other expenses like weekly grocery shopping can cost around 60 EUR besides accommodation. Students can also expect to spend about 200 EUR on their residence permit application. 

University of Padua, Italy Scholarships 

As international students, applicants can expect several scholarships and fellowships provided officially by the university and through national and international organizations.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship: Each year, the university offers 53 scholarships to meritorious students planning to pursue an English-taught bachelor's or master's degree here. 

Galilean School of Higher Education Scholarships: This department is the university’s school of excellence. Up to four deserving candidates planning to pursue a master’s at the college are selected annually for this scholarship. 

Invest Your Talent 2023-24: This scholarship supports international students who want to enroll themselves in English-taught master's degree programs in the fields of Engineering and Information Technologies, Management, and Economics at top Italian universities, including the University of Padua. 

University of Padua, Italy Placements 

The University of Padua provides several services aimed at graduates and students who wish to approach companies offering top career opportunities and job prospects. Many reputable companies invite students and graduates to visit their premises and learn about recruitment requirements. Details of all upcoming events are available on the university website. 

Students can also get in touch with EURES via the university, which is a cooperation network promoted by the European Commission that puts them in contact with the public employment services of the European Union. The network is designed to facilitate the free movement of workers between these regions by helping with placement services and support to job seekers.

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