University of Rome Tor Vergata: Ranking, Courses, Admission, Fees, Scholarship and Placements

Study Abroad Team 26/03/2024

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The prestigious University of Rome Tor Vergata is a reputed public research university established in 1982. It lies in the South-East region of Rome, Italy. Built on a sprawling campus of almost 600 hectares of land, the university offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. study programs. 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is considered to be an impressive educational center for teaching as well as research purposes. It conducts various research-based programs within its campus. Popular research institutions within its boundary area include the Italian Space Agency or ASI and the National Research Center or CNR. The university program includes 350 training courses, 110 plus degree courses, 140 post-graduate courses, 49 specialization educational schools, 32 doctoral courses, and many summer schools. 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata Highlights 

  • The university has a built-in hospital facility known as Tor Vergata University Hospital, also touted as a national pride and point of reference. 
  • The university campus is situated close to the Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome, so it is easily accessible to students
  • The University of Rome Tor Vergata comprises 18 departments, 350 classrooms, 6 huge libraries, 29 computer science laboratories, and the conference center of Villa Mondragone. 
  • Tor Vergata University holds the 489th QS World University Ranking 2023-2024. 
  • The University ranks 33rd in the European University Rankings 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata Admission 

Admission Application Procedure 

To apply for admission at Tor Vergata University, students have to follow these steps:

Applications and enrollment at this university, like all other public universities in Italy, are strictly governed by the MUR or Ministry of University and Research in association with the Ministry of Interior and (with the support of) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The university does not employ outside agencies or recruiters based out of Italy for foreign student admissions. 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata believes in independent management of all international application processes (as directed in the notices and publishings on the course text pages). All procedures to be followed by the aspirants are given on the admissions page. For more information, students can connect with the International Students Office within the main campus to learn about exact requirements and uniform procedures. Aspiring students can also send queries via email at 

Application Procedure 

To apply to the University of Rome Tor Vergata, students must follow three major steps to submit their application. 

Proper Selection 

Aspirants should select the course that they wish to apply for. All procedures and rules may vary according to the course selection or program. Visiting this link can provide them with all the different types of programs. 

Application - Assessment 

All non-EU and EU students with international qualifications applying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course at the university need to proceed with the online form application. Students can find it at point 2a, and they need to upload their documents and pay 30 Euro as an application fee and also verify the payment. 

Additional Procedures 

Students can find detailed and precise info on the university’s ministerial website at the web page - Students who want to enroll for the Bachelor’s Degree course or Single Cycle Degree or Master’s Degree course (2-year program) should have relevant certificates along with the compatibility statement issued by the Center for Information on Mobility and Academic Equivalence to be applied online at the CIMEA link page. 

Other Criteria Include

  • EU or Non-EU students staying in Italy and holding an international title 
  • Study Visa applicants of Non-EU students residing abroad 
  • Non-EU student citizens possessing a valid Italian title 

University of Rome Tor Vergata Course Programmes 

If you have a high school diploma certificate, students can get into a three-year Laurea program also called Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences. Then there is Laurea Magistrale, a One-cycle degree program called Undergraduate Mater (M.A/M.Sc.)

  • Laurea - It is a first-level degree program offering students knowledge about scientific subjects and related principles. 
  • Laurea Magistrale A Ciclo Unico - It is a Master’s degree Doctor course, a three-year program followed by 2 or 4 years of specialization. 

Master Degree 

If a student holds a Bachelor's diploma certificate, you may gain access to Laurea Magistrale, a two-year graduate degree, or a one-year Master's (1st level). A Master's Degree Doctor course on a 2nd level offers advanced education plus training for superior professions in certain fields. 

Master di Primo Livello 

A Master's course that helps graduate students hone their skills and reinforce their training so that they can satisfy any workplace demands. A first-level Master's Degree admission requires a 1st level Degree certificate. 


It offers students the required talent to conduct high-tech research activities in top public or private institutions and universities. 

Course subjects include law, economy, engineering, philosophy & letters, medicine and surgery, and mathematical, physical, and natural sciences. 

University of Rome Tor Vergata Accommodations 

Living Cost for Students 

The total spending cash or budget of every student is distributed into five segments. They comprise bills plus rent, food, study materials, university fees, and leisure activities. While rent can be between 300 to 500 Euro for a paying guest or shared room, the bills for gas, heating, etc can be around 30 to 70 Euro every month. A student may spend 40 to 50 euros if he/she is buying from the supermarket at discount prices. 

Study materials and university fees may amount to up to 250 to 450 euros monthly (usually paid in 2 or 3 installments annually. The nights out or leisure activities may depend on student to student. On average it may cost around 15 Euro every week. Thus, students' monthly spending can be between 600 Euro to 900 Euro.  

University Course Fees 

For the BBA 1 course - 3-year duration, the approximate tuition fee can be 2600 Euro. MIM (2 courses) with a two-year duration, the approximate tuition fees can be 2600 Euro. for the MS (1 course) of two years duration, the fee can be around 1000 Euro. 

University of Rome Tor Vergata Scholarships

Tor Vergata University offers a LazioDisco scholarship sponsored by Regione Lazio for all students applying to the campus of Lazio. It is a distinctive scholarship for all students getting admission to universities within the Lazio region. Students applying to Tor Vergata University are naturally eligible for this special study grant. 

Students can also get Italy Universities Fully Funded Scholarship in all Subjects, specially designed for international students. It is a fully funded grant for students to study (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) in any of the top universities in Italy for the years 2023-2024. It is a study-free free in Italy option, even without IELTS. 

University of Rome Tor Vergata Placements 

The placement department at Tor Vergata University of Rome supports fresh graduates and students to find lucrative jobs. The office arranges job fairs and career events for students on campus. It helps in creating job opportunities and establishing relationships with potential employers. The primary goal of this placement office is to generate career chances for all Tor Vergata students. The main activities include career day, company visits, career orientation, corporate presentations, job interviews, and more.

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