Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences : Ranking, Courses, Admission, Fees, Scholarship and Placements

Ranking, Courses, Admission, Fees, Scholarship & Placements.? ?

Study Abroad Team 25/03/2024

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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, also known as INN University, is a prominent institution of higher education in Norway. The university is a relatively new institution in Norway and was established on 1 January 2017. INN University was formed by merging two independent colleges: Hedmark University of Applied Sciences and Lillehammer University College. 

The university has several campuses spread across Norway, including Blæstad, Elverum, Evenstad, Hamar, Lillehammer, and Rena. Each campus offers a unique array of programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD level programs. The university specializes in programs related to health sciences, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, technology, and arts. 

Below is a complete guide to all the necessary details about the university, including the admission requirements, application process, tuition costs, scholarships, placements, and more for students looking to study in Norway.

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Highlights 

INN University offers several unique characteristics that make it one of the most sought-after destinations among Indian students planning to study in Norway. Below are some of the interesting facts and figures aspirants might want to know. 

  • Research at INN University is closely linked to academic plans. Therefore, most of the programs at this university are research-based as the college is dedicated to contributing knowledge in necessary areas of society. 
  • To attract international applicants, the university offers several English-language programs to ensure that more and more students take part in their education at a foreign university. 
  • The university also runs an extensive commissioned activity that responds to regional and national needs for continuity. 
  • Around 16,000 students are enrolled in the university, making it a medium-sized institution.  
  • The university is well-known for its research activities and contributions to advancements in various fields. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Admissions 

As of now, the acceptance range of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences is not reported. However, as per trends, the university is estimated to be only slightly selective. However, this figure might vary based on the course chosen by the student and whether they are an international or domestic candidate. 

Below are some of the basic entry requirements every Indian student looking to study in Norway must fulfill to be eligible for admission into Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.  

Admission Eligibility Requirements for Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway 

The following are some of the admission eligibility requirement for students looking to study in Norway:

  •  Students applying to bachelor programs are required to submit documents of completion of secondary school, such as high school diplomas and/or transcripts of completion of 12th grade from a recognized board in India. 
  • Additionally, students must submit all necessary documents such as a passport, digital passport-sized photograph, medical certificate (if applicable), and a copy of a residence permit if available. 
  • For admissions into the university’s postgraduate programs, candidates must have a minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized and accredited institution.  
  • In addition to academic requirements, students must document their English proficiency by submitting test scores of accepted standardized language tests. 
  • The university accepts several language exams to prove English proficiency, mainly IELTS (minimum overall band of 6.0) and TOEFL (minimum score of 80 for internet-based exams). 
  • Note that the eligibility criteria are subject to change depending upon the program decision made by the student. For accurate and latest course-specific admission requirements, students are advised to check out the university's official website or contact the related authorities for any queries.  

 Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway Programs 

INN University offers several programs tailored to the needs of each student. As of 2023, the university offers 52 bachelor programs, 31 master programs, and 4 PhD programs across various disciplines. Below is a list of the most popular programs offered by INN University that are widely pursued by Indian students planning to study in Norway. 

Undergraduate Programs at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 

  • Bachelor of Nursing 
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management 
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language 
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy  

Postgraduate Programs at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 

  •  Master of Arts in International Relations 
  • Master of Science in Physiotherapy 
  • Master of Business Administration 
  • Master of Fine Arts  
  • Master of Public Health 
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering 
  • Master of Science in Renewable Energy 

Apart from these, INN University also offers several PhD programs across various fields. These research-intensive programs prepare students for a more practical career in advanced research positions. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway Accommodation 

Students planning to study at this university are advised to apply for on-campus housing options across all university campuses. All dormitories at INN are fully furnished and are equipped with the best facilities, such as free Wi-Fi in all buildings.  

Off-campus housing options would be the perfect alternative for students who wish to live a more independent and private lifestyle. Below are some of the best neighborhoods across all INN campuses, characterized by proximity to respective campuses and easy access to bus routes. 

Hamar Campus: Hamar City Center is a good option for students studying at the Hamar campus because it offers easy access to the campus and several other facilities. 

Evenstad Campus: Since Evenstad is rural, students might need to look for housing options in nearby towns such as Tynset or Koppang. 

Lillehammer Campus: In Lillehammer, students can consider accommodation options in nearby neighborhoods such as Søre Ål or Kringsjå, which are near this campus and its bus routes. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway Costs 

Below are brief details on the institute’s tuition fees per academic year and estimated accommodation costs while studying across any campus at INN University. 

Course Fee 

While there is no cost of tuition for domestic students studying at INN, international students are expected to pay a considerable amount of tuition fees. The cost of tuition can range anywhere between NOK 118,000 to NOK 245,000 per year. 

Accommodation Costs 

Since Norway is a costly country to survive in, Indian students must be ready to spend a considerable amount on living expenses. In smaller towns, accommodation can range between 4,000 NOK to 8,000 NOK per month. If a student opts for housing in big cities such as Oslo, the same can go to an even higher range, say 6,000 NOK to 12,000 NOK. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway Scholarships 

  • As of now, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences doesn’t offer any scholarships to international or domestic students.  
  • However, students looking for financial help can apply for certain Indian and Norwegian scholarships provided by governmental and private organizations. 
  • Erasmus+ is the most significant Norwegian grant and scholarship program to offer scholarships to international students planning to study postgraduate or doctoral programs in European universities. Note that this fully funded scholarship is extremely competitive, and only a few students get selected each year. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway Placements 

The career prospects for studying at INN University can be quite promising. The country of Norway offers top career opportunities for international students who graduate from Norwegian universities and colleges. Below are some career choices for students who graduate from this college. 

  • Nursing 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Careers in Public Health Organizations 
  • Political Advocacy and Research 
  • Healthcare Biologists and Lecturers 
  • Software Developers and Data Analysts 
  • Engineering in the Fields of Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical 
  • Business Administration and Financing

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