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Study Abroad Team 25/03/2024

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Aalborg University, founded in 1974, was established as an international public university. At its establishment, multiple campuses were set up in Aalborg, Copenhagen, and Esbjerg. Apart from bachelor’s degrees, Aalborg University offers courses that enable local and international students to earn master’s degrees and Ph.D. degrees. 

While many international students studying at Aalborg University hail from the European Union, many come from Asian countries like India. The university is divided into five sectors, history, engineering, economics, engineering and physics, land surveying, and urban planning.  

Aalborg University Highlights

  • Aalborg University, as per the latest QS World University Rankings, is the 336th best university in the world to study in. 

  • While the university offers a wide range of courses and programs, its mechanical engineering program attracts the maximum number of international students. The mechanical engineering course offered by the university is ranked eighth globally.

  • Unlike most other traditional Danish universities, Aalborg University has an inter-faculty and interdisciplinary educational setup. It encourages students to take specialized courses and excel in them.

  • The courses at Aalborg University are designed to help students deal with real-life problems or challenges they could face in their professional careers. The educational model adopted by Aalborg University is well-recognized worldwide and is now referred to as the Aalborg Model.

  • Aalborg University features an educational board comprising 11 individuals. Out of these 11 individuals, 6 members are appointed from the outside. While the scientific staff is responsible for appointing 2 members, the administrative staff assumes the responsibility of appointing one member to the board. The students of the university also have the power to appoint two members.

  • The rector, which is put together by the university board, is responsible for appointing key university members including the deans and heads of departments. 

Aalborg University Admissions

  • By visiting the application portal of Aalborg University, an international student can apply for one of the courses or programs offered by the institution. 

  • Unlike many other universities, Aalborg University does not conduct a pre-assessment of the student’s bachelor’s degree to determine whether they should be considered for a seat. After sending their application, the student should wait to hear from the university. 

  • To qualify for admission to Aalborg University, an international student should have a bachelor’s degree equivalent to or have the same weightage as a Danish bachelor’s degree.

  • If an international student is interested in pursuing a master’s degree, they should have a bachelor’s degree and fulfill other requirements stated by the university on the official portal.

  • If an international student is applying for a course taught in English, they will have to appear for an AAU-approved English proficiency test. Appearing for a Danish proficiency test is needed if they apply for a program that will be taught in Danish.

  • Aalborg University offers a variety of Cand. Polyt programs which have specific requirements. To apply for one of these programs, the candidate is expected to have a bachelor's degree in technical science or a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Aalborg University Programs

  • Aalborg University primarily has five faculties under which multiple departments operate. A set of experienced faculty members governs every department. Before applying for a particular course or program, an international student must know about the department it belongs to.

  • The Faculty of Humanities has two departments: the Department of Communication and Psychology and the Department of Culture and Living. 

  • The Faculty of Social Sciences has four departments: AAU Business School, the Department of Law, the Department of Sociology and Social Work, and the Department of Politics and Society.

  • The Technical Faculty of IT and Design has four departments: the Department of Electronic Systems, the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, the Department of Computer Science, and the Department of Planning. 

  • The Faculty of Medicine has two departments: the Department of Health Science and Technology and the Department of Clinical Medicine. 

  • The Faculty of Engineering and Science has five departments: the Department of the Built Environment, the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, the Department of Materials and Production, the Department of AAU Energy, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences. 

  • The university offers a range of Cand. Polyt programs in disciplines like bioengineering, biotechnology, cyber security, electronic systems, energy engineering, chemistry, architecture, industrial design, intelligent, reliable systems, and energy engineering. 

Aalborg University Accommodation

  • To get an accommodation facility offered by Aalborg University, an international student must send an application and a prepaid deposit of EUR270 or $345.

  • If the application by the student is accepted, they will be put up in one of the accommodation facilities at Aalborg University. In case it gets rejected, their prepaid deposit will be refunded and they will have to look for accommodation elsewhere. 

  • Aalborg University offers international students a variety of accommodation facilities to choose from. The single or private rooms have shared facilities like a shared kitchen and shared bathroom. The studio apartments come with a private kitchen and private bathroom. 

  • There are also single or private rooms in houses or apartments that are shared by a group of 2, 3, and 5 students. While the students get private rooms here, they have to share the kitchen and bathroom with others. 

Aalborg University Cost

  • While listing the various costs of studying at Aalborg University, an international student must first consider the application fees. While applying for a course, an international student has to pay 105 EUR or 780 DKK. By paying this fee, an international student can apply for as many as 3 courses simultaneously.

  • An international student's tuition fee while studying at Aalborg University depends on the course they have opted for. The tuition fee paid by the student would cover multiple things, including lectures, supervision, assignments, and examinations. 

  • If an international student decides not to attend Aalborg University, they can inform the administrative team about the same. Their entire tuition fee will be refunded to them. This must be done before their course starts. 

  • If an international student opts out of Aalborg University during the first month of their first semester, a part of the tuition fee will be refunded. If one month has already passed, it would not be possible for the university to initiate a refund. 

Aalborg University Scholarships

International students who wish to study at Aalborg University can apply for multiple scholarships. While some of the scholarships would cover the student's entire tuition fee, some would cover only a part of it. 

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program: This post-doctorate scholarship partially covers the tuition fees of those who manage to get it. Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

Amelia Earhart Fellowship for Women: This scholarship is designed for female students from any country who wish to pursue aerospace engineering and space sciences at Aalborg University. This scholarship does not cover the entire tuition fee of the student but is a part of it. 

ServiceScape Scholarship: This is one of those scholarships that is course-agnostic and is open to anybody who is planning to study at Aalborg University. This scholarship is designed to cover the tuition fee of the student. 

Dissertation Fieldwork Grants: If a student from India or any other country plans to study anthropology at Aalborg University, they should consider applying for these grants. It would cover a part of their tuition fee. 

Aalborg University Placements

  • Aalborg University frequently shares postings related to internships and project-oriented courses with its students. 

  • After completing their course, students can appear for job interviews at the campus. The university also helps international students connect with local employers and organizations recruiting at a given time. 

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