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Established as a public research university in 2010, the Paris Sciences et Lettres University, also referred to as the PSL Research University or simply as PSL, is one of Paris France's youngest but most reputed universities. While the foundation for this educational institution was laid down in 2010, it was granted the status of a university in 2019.

In a very short period, the PSL Research University has managed to carve a niche.For students looking to study in France, this University has been recognized as a collegiate university with multiple campuses, including the Latin Quarter campus, the Jourdan Campus, the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève campus, the Carré Richelieu campus, and the Porte Dauphine campus.  

PSL Research University Highlights

Despite being one of France's newly established universities, many international students prefer to study here. In these last few years, students graduating from the university have done well for themselves in the professional space. The well-structured courses offered by the university are another reason why several international students looking to study in France get themselves enrolled here.

  • The QS World University Rankings ranked PSL University as the 26th best university in the world. While the Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked it 38th, it was conferred the 40th rank by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • The university's strong reputation can be credited to its alumni and staff members, comprising 11 Field Medalists, 28 Nobel Laureates, 50 César winners, 79 Molière winners, and 49 CNRS Gold Medalists.
  • The university became even more formidable between 2011 and 2012 when as many as 10 institutions joined it. These 10 institutions were Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique, La Fémis, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, MINES ParisTech and Université Paris-Dauphine, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Foundation for Research, Institut Curie, Institut Louis-Bachelier and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.

PSL Research University Admissions

  • At any given time, the PSL Research University accommodates nearly 2,900 researchers and 17,000 students. A large number of such students are the ones who come from different countries with a dream to study in France. International students, therefore, stand a good chance of securing a seat for themselves in the university. 
  • To apply for a course at the PSL Research University, an international student has to visit the university’s official website After visiting the website, the student can choose from two options: undergraduate and graduate admissions. 
  • After visiting the website, the student will get an idea about the deadline for the application process. They should make a note of the various deadlines and apply before the same comes to an end. 
  • Those who wish to seek admission to the PSL Research University must remember that the academic year in France starts in September and comes to an end closer to May or June. 
  • The academic year is divided into two distinctive semesters. While the first semester goes from September to December, the second lasts from January to May/June. After the completion of every semester, 2-3 weeks are set aside to conduct examinations. 
  • The higher education system in France is based on the LMD (Bachelor’s-Master’s-Doctorate) system that is followed in most European countries. Each semester has 30 validated ECTS or European Credit Transfer System credits in this system. 
  • Before applying for a Bachelor’s Degree program, an international student must complete their high school education and have documents validating the same.
  • To secure admission in Year 1 of a Master’s Degree, an international student must have an undergraduate degree or complete three years of higher education. Having 180 ECTS credits would make it easier for the student to get a seat.
  • If a student plans to enroll themselves in Year 2 of a Master’s Degree, they are required to have completed 4 years of higher education or received 240 ECTS credits.
  • To do a Ph.D. at the PSL Research University, an international student must have a Master’s Degree or 300 ECTS credits. 
  • A large number of international students vie for the graduate programs offered by PSL Research University. To do a graduate program, the student should have a Bachelor’s Degree or 180 ECTS credits. 
  • Since international students will be taught in English at PSL University, they need to sit for an English proficiency test and score well in it before applying for a course or program offered by PSL University. 

PSL Research University Programs

  • From undergraduate to doctorate levels, PSL Research University offers a variety of courses and programs to international students looking to study in France. Some of the academic disciplines that students can choose from are physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, humanities, administration, creative arts, and management. 
  • Various institutions associated with the PSL Research University have come together to put together an undergraduate program for three years. This course is referred to as the CPES Multidisciplinary undergraduate course.  
  • One of the constituents of the PSL Research University is the Université Paris-Dauphine. Bachelor’s degrees are offered to international students in various fields, including accounting, management, applied mathematics, journalism, computing, economics, and finance. 
  • PSL Research University is a co-leader and participant in the SDSN Network for France, an initiative undertaken by the United Nations. As a part of its responsibilities, the PSL Research University conducts a summer school for European students every year. Through this yearly summer school, the PSL Research University offers a short-term program on sustainable development known as the European School of Positive Impact and Responsibility (ESPOIR).
  • For graduate students, PSL University offers courses and programs from a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, economics, astronomy, fine and applied arts, humanities and social sciences, astronomy, and management, among others. 
  • A large number of international students studying at PSL University are the ones pursuing their doctoral programs. These doctoral programs are very similar to those offered in other reputed universities. One of the most sought-after doctoral programs in the university is the Ph.D. program in Cognitive Science. 

PSL Research University Cost

  • The tuition fee charged by the PSL Research University for a particular course could be very different from the fee it charges for another program. While applying for a course or program, an international student should check the course fee on the official website.
  • While studying at the PSL Research University in France, an international student should have a monthly budget of €600 - €900.

PSL Research University Scholarships

Some of the prominent scholarships offered by the PSL Research University are:

Scholarship for Graduate Program in Finance – This merit-based scholarship is awarded to international students after analyzing their academic performance. Those who manage to win this scholarship get a reward of €12,000.

Scholarship for the Graduate Management Program – This scholarship can be applied for by students who wish to do any of the management courses offered by the PSL Research University. The scholarship amount is determined based on different factors and is given to students in two installments. 

PRAIRIE Scholarship – Those who win the PRAIRIE Scholarship get a reward of €12,000, which they can utilize while studying at the PSL Research University. 

PSL Research University Placements

Regarding providing placement or employment opportunities to students, the PSL Research University emerges as one of the top universities in France. 91 percent is the employability rate registered by the students of the university. After finishing their course or program from the PSL Research University, an international student can expect to get a job in their line of work. 

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