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Founded in 1998, Malmo University is a public university based in Malmö, Sweden. Apart from being Sweden's ninth-largest educational institution, Malmo University is known for exchanging agreements and collaborating with over 240 partner universities globally. The university also has a reputation for being very welcoming towards international students.

Besides traditional courses, Malmo University offers new-age courses in international relations, migration, sustainability, new media, urban studies, and technology. Since the university has several external partners, students get good professional opportunities after finishing their course. For the longest time, Malmowas was known as an industrial town. After the establishment and widespread popularity of the university, the city started gaining a reputation as an educational hub.

Malmo University Highlights

As a city, Malmois is known for offering its residents a good quality of life. From trying out various cuisines, students can catch up on the acts delivered by several renowned comics based in the city.

In Europe, Malmois is known as the hub of innovation. The city has given birth to many great entrepreneurs and several incredible businesses. While studying at Malmo University, international students can expect to engage, interact with, and learn from renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders.

According to the US News and World Report, Malmo University ranks #1125 in the list of best global universities. The same report ranks #440 on the list of the best global universities in Europe. In the Best Global Universities in Sweden list, it ranks #13.

The university has a strong alumni network to which international students have access after joining the institution. The alumni's experiences and success stories are also published in the university's newsletter.
The alumni network plays a vital role in the selection of international students. The alumni judge the applicants' abilities and guide the university throughout the selection process.

The Faculty of Odontology at the university was declared as one of the 'highest quality education areas' in Sweden by an international expert committee appointed by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

Malmo University Admissions

The admission process for Malmo University is carried out during the autumn and spring seasons, and applicants are required to adhere to strict deadlines. Several admission process steps are similar for European and non-European students.

If an international student wants to apply for any of the courses offered by Malmo University, they will have to visit the institution's official portal, While EU students do not have to pay any application fee, non-EU students are required to pay an application fee of 900 SEK. The deadline for submitting the applications is January 15.

A completed application form is one of the first things an international student has to have while applying for a program offered by the university. There are some differences in the requirements for bachelor's degree and master's degree programs.

To apply for a bachelor's degree program, a student is required to finish their upper secondary education. They will have to submit transcripts declaring the same. They will also be required to submit proof of appearing for one of the English language proficiency tests and scoring well in it. Submission of a copy of their passport is mandatory.
While applying for a master's degree program, an international student has to submit certificates of the degree or course they have completed. The submitted transcripts should feature details of their completed degrees, the courses they undertook, and their grades. They must submit a copy of their passport along with their English language proficiency test report.

Malmo University is very particular about the scores obtained by the applicants in their English language proficiency tests. If a student has appeared for an IELTS test, they are required to score a minimum of 6.5. In a PBT (TOEFL), the applicant is expected to score between 4.0 and 4.5. If they appear for a PBT (IBT) test, they must score between 17 and 20. In a PTE test, applicants must score between 47 and 68.

Malmo University Programs

Malmo University has five different faculties: The Faculty of Technology and Society, The Faculty of Education and Society, The Faculty of Culture and Society, The Faculty of Odontology, and The Faculty of Health and Society.

Each faculty at Malmo University gives students multiple bachelor's and master's degree programs. While there are 7 English-taught bachelor's degree programs, the university has 24 master's degree programs taught in English.

A student planning to apply for a master's degree program offered by the university should remember that apart from the two-year-long master's programs, the university also has year-long master's degree courses.
Some of the most sought-after bachelor courses include politics, English studies, interaction design, human rights, advanced programming, societies and cultures, children's rights, and European studies.

As far as master's degree programs are concerned, some of the most popular ones are computational materials science, educational theory, biomedical surface science, applied data science, and education.
Malmo University has adapted well to the evolving educational landscape and now offers several courses digitally. Many of the courses or programs the university offers are also taught to students online.

Malmo University Accommodations

Malmo University is known for offering safe campus housing facilities to students. Students also have the option of looking for accommodation outside. The residential units provided by the campus are based in Varnhem in Malmö.

The living environment in the on-campus residential facilities is inclusive and allows students to participate in several exciting activities.
The dormitory rooms provided by the university are a part of two buildings, Celsiusgården and Rönnen International. The rooms are well-maintained and cleaned regularly. Students occupying one of these rooms have to pay 3993 SEK as the rent amount.

Celsiusgården comprises 40 rooms spread across four different floors; along with the room, a lounge, shared kitchen, and bathroom are provided to the students. Rönnen International features as many as 9 floors and 27-29 rooms on each floor. Students occupying one of these rooms have to pay between 4644 SEK and 5136 SEK as the rent amount. The rent for the double occupancy rooms is lower.

The university also has an association with a housing agency named Boplats Syd, which provides apartments in Malmoto for students to rent at discounted rates.

Malmo University Scholarships

International students who wish to pursue a master's program at Malmo University and need financial aid can apply for different scholarships offered by MalmoUniversity. For bachelor's courses, the university does not provide any scholarships.
The scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a master's degree based on their academic performance and other achievements. The social engagement ability of the student, along with their CV, is considered before awarding them with any scholarship.

The Swedish Government gives the Swedish Institute Scholarship to meritorious students. Students pursuing a master's degree at Malmo University can also apply for this scholarship.

Malmo University Placements

Malmo University encourages its students to take up internship opportunities that will help them get an idea about the professional world they will be stepping into after finishing their course or program. The university helps them in getting good internship opportunities as well. After completing the course, the university organizes an on-campus recruitment process, giving the students a fair chance to land a good job.

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