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Study Abroad Team 15/11/2023

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It is hard to overlook that France has become a favorable study-abroad destination for many students pursuing higher studies abroad. According to recent research, there are 370000+ international students pursuing higher education in France. The quality of education, a vast number of universities, exclusive courses, and versatile job opportunities have gained the attention of many students. Let’s learn more about studying in France in this compressive article.

Why Study in France?

France offers various opportunities to learn and grow for the students. The advantages of studying in France are listed,

  • The universities in France are top-class and offer exclusive education with globally recognized degrees.

  • The land of France embodies multicultural identities, allowing the students to groom, learn, and enjoy as much as possible.

  • The cost factor also plays a significant role. The cost of studying in France is meager when compared to other countries.

Top 15 Universities in France for Indian Students

Courses in France for International Students

Universities and Institutes in France offer in-demand and popular courses for international students. Some of the most popular courses for international students are listed,

  • Fashion Designing - Bachelor of Fashion Marketing, Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology, UG Fashion Designer, MBA Fashion Management, MSc Fashion, Design & Luxury Management, and PG Creative Director.

  • Finance - Bachelor's in Accounting, MSc Economics and Finance, Bachelor's in Finance, MSc in Accounting, Finance, and Management, and Master's in Finance.

  • Computer & Data Science- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, International Bachelor of Computer Science, BSc in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Digital and Big Data for Value, MSc in Data Management for Finance, MSc in Data Science & Analytics, and MSc in Data Science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing.

  • Engineering - Marine Engineering, IT & Networking, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science Engineering.

  • Linguistics - Master in Linguistics Phonetics and Phonology, MSc Modeling of Neuronal and Cognitive Systems, Master in Linguistics- Computational Linguistics, Master in Linguistics- Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics.

  • Medicine - MBBS, MSc Vaccinology from Basic Immunology to Social Science of Health, MS in Innovative Drugs, MS Cardiac EP- Electromechanical Heart Diseases.

  • Business - Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of International Business, Executive Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor in Business Administration.

  • Film Studies - BFA Filmmaking, Bachelor in Filmmaking, Master LLCR in Film Studies, BFA Film & TV, MFC Cinematography, and Diploma in Filmmaking.

  • Culinary Studies - Cooking Diploma, International Culinary Leadership and Innovation, Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts Management, Pastry Diploma, BHM, and Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

  • Philosophy - History and Philosophy of Art- MA, Contemporary Philosophy, and Bachelors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Top Universities in France to Pursue Popular Courses for Indian Students

There are various top universities in France that offer exclusive courses for international students. Some of the most popular universities are listed,


Universities/ Institutes


  • ESSEC Business School
  • HEC Paris

  • EDHEC Business School


  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business


  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Ecole Centrale de Paries

  • Ecole Centrale de Lyon

  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA)

  • Grenoble INP, Grenoble Institute of Technology

Pure Science

  • University of Gernoble Alpes
  • Ecole Polytechnique

  • University of Paris-Sud

  • Universite de Stransbourg


  • ISIT France
  • University of Reims

  • University of Kent- Paris Campus

Application Process, Eligibility, and Deadlines to Apply for France Universities

Application Process for International Students

There are certain steps using which a candidate can apply for higher education in France. Those steps are listed below,

Application Procedure

  • Log in to the Etudes en France website and register to create an account.

  • On submission of the account creation form, the candidate will receive an email to choose a password based on the requirements.

  • Visit the Campus France website to access the registered account.

  • Select applicants to apply for French institutes through the portal

  • Fill in the required information, including personal information, academic records, language skills, etc.

  • Draft and submit the motivation to pursue the chosen programs.

  • On reviewing the application, the campus France advisor will fix a date for an appointment.

Academic Interview

  • Appear for the academic interview with the campus France manager online or in person.

  • Carry the required documents along with the campus fee payment receipt.

  • The campus fee is 18,000 INR and should be paid online.

Confirmation and Visa Procedure

  • Periodically check the portal for acceptance or rejections.

  • After receiving the responses, choose the desired university to take admission.

  • Print the admission letter and start the visa procedure.

Eligibility and Application Requirements in France

There are various documents that are required to apply for higher studies in France. The essential documents that shouldn’t be missed are listed,

  • Valid passport or any valid ID card

  • Passport photographs for verification

  • Photocopies of graduation or diploma certificates with French translation

  • Pre-registration or prior admission certificate offered by the university

  • Certificate of Civil Liability

  • European health insurance for EU students

  • Registration and Social Security fee

  • Resume to be submitted upon university’s request

  • English or French language certificates to prove language efficiency

  • Financial proof to fund the course and stay

  • Cover letter

Entrance Exam Requirements in France

To acquire admission, students applying for higher education in France should have passed language proficiency tests. Some of the popular language proficiency tests that are taken into consideration by the universities to offer admission are,

  • TOEIC - A test of English for International Communication must be given by professionals who require a language certificate to enter France.

  • DELF - Diplôme d'études en langue française test is one of the basic French fluency tests that is conducted for four levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2.

  • DALF - This diploma in advanced French is conducted for students in C1 and C2 levels. The C2 level test has two sections, written and oral, and is considered the advanced proficiency test.

  • TCF - Students fluent in French and willing to attend the courses taught in the French language must apply for this test.

  • TEF - This test assesses the French language proficiency of a candidate. It evaluates the reading, speaking, and writing skills of the candidate.

  • IELTS - The International English Language Testing System is one of the leading tests to test the English language proficiency of international students.

  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign language should be attempted by students who do not have English or French as their first language. The students must check the minimum TOEFL cut-off on the respective university website.

  • GMAT - Students aspiring to pursue business management courses should write this exam and have a minimum cut-off score of 650 points.

  • GRE - This exam is given by students aspiring to pursue master's programs in France. Almost all universities in France predominantly accept this exam to offer admission.

Application Deadlines for Universities in France

The French universities have two intakes for student admission. The September intake and January intake.

September Intake

  • The students are advised to choose the university and program during the months of February and March

  • From March to May, students must appear for the entrance exams to get admission into this cycle

  • During the months of May and June, they should collect the SOP and LOR

  • The students are supposed to apply for personal interviews during June and July

  • Students should apply for a France student visa during June and August.

January Intake

  • The students are advised to choose the university and program during the months of January to J.uly

  • From July to August, students must appear for the entrance exams to get admission to this cycle

  • During the months of August and September, they should collect the SOP and . LOR.

  • The students are supposed to apply for personal interviews during September and October.

  • Students should apply for a France student visa from September to November.

Cost of Living in France for Indian Students  

The cost of living in France for international students might vary based on various factors. However, the approximate average cost of living in France for international students is listed as,

  • House rental- 500-550 EUR

  • Basic utilities- 100-150 EUR

  • Transportation charges- 50-100 EUR

  • Mobile and internet charges- 30-50 EUR

  • Food and Beverages- 150-200 EUR

  • Entertainment and recreation- 100-150 EUR

Cost of Studying in France for Indian Students

International students' cost of studying in France might vary based on factors like the type of institute, course, duration, etc. However, the approximate tuition fee for international students to pursue education in public universities is listed,

  • Undergraduate Programs - 170€ /year for EU students and 2270€ /year for non-EU students.

  • Postgraduate Programs- 240€ /year for EU students and 3700€ /year for non-EU students.

  • Doctorate Programs- 380€ /year for EU students and 380€ /year for non-EU students.

France Students Visa Application Process for Study Abroad Programs

There aspecificain steps that a candidate has to follow to apply for a student visa. The step-by-step procedure to apply for a student visa is listed,

  • After receiving the application confirmation, the candidate should apply for a visa using the online portal

  • Create a France-Visas account in the portal to proceed further.

  • An appointment with the VFS- France will be scheduled for document and passport submission.

  • Visit any VFS centers in your location to register the required biometric data.

  • After arrival, registering and validating the visa at within the first three months is essential.

  • To extend the stay further, apply for a residence permit at least two months before the visa expiry date.

Study Abroad Scholarships in France for International Students

Universities and institutions in France offer various types of scholarships for international students to pursue higher studies.

French Government Scholarships

  • Raman Charpak Fellowship - This scholarship is issued to Ph.D. research students to pursue research for 2 to 6 months at French institutions.

  • Eiffel Scholarship - The Ministry of Europe offers this scholarship for international students applying for master's and Ph.D. programs.

  • Charpak Scholarship Program - The Embassy of France in India offers this scholarship for programs like the Research Internship Program, Exchange Program, and Master’s Program.

Co-financed/Joint Scholarships

  • French Embassy - Krishna Kriti Foundation Co-financed Scholarship- This scholarship is offered to visual and fine arts students.

  • French Embassy - Neemrana Music Foundation Co-financed Scholarships- This scholarship is offered to Western classical music students.

  • Institut Mines-Telecom- French Embassy in India Scholarship - This scholarship is offered to engineering students pursuing master's in France.

Institutional Scholarships

  • Emily-Boutmy Scholarship - This is offered at Sciences Po Paris, a leading research and technology French university.

  • EDHEC Business School - This scholarship is offered to Indian students pursuing a master's in Management at EDHEC.

  • L’oreal Scholarship is offered to international students pursuing an MBA at HEC Paris.

  • ISAE - MBDA Scholarship - This scholarship is offered to 8 students pursuing an M.Sc. in Aerospace Mechanics and Avionics and MSc in Aeronautical and Space Systems.

  • Rennes School of Business - The scholarships offered are Rennes School of Business are Scholarship Global, Scholarship Responsible, and Scholarship Pioneer.

Job Prospects for Indian Students After Higher Education in France

Some of the popular job sectors in France for Indian students with average annual are listed,

  • Product designer- 30,000 EUR – 60,000 EUR

  • Assistant lawyer- 40,000 EUR-55,000 EUR

  • Motion designer- 25,000 EUR- 45,000 EUR

  • Junior merchandise- 25,000 EUR- 40,000 EUR

  • Video editor- 30,000 EUR- 45,000 EUR

  • Business developer- 30,000 EUR- 70,000 EUR

  • Chemist- 39,000 EUR- 57,000 EUR

  • Sales Executive - 100,000 EUR- 120,000 EUR

  • Engineer- 45,000 EUR- 80,000 EUR

  • Research scientist- 50,000 EUR- 75,000 EUR

Apart from these, there are also various other job opportunities that the Indian students studying in France can explore to enhance their careers. Some other top job sectors in France are Management, Energy Management, Engineering- Aerospace, Automobile, Metallurgy, and Mechanical, Tourism/Hospitality and Luxury, Teaching, Doctor/Physician, Pilot, Bank manager, IT professionals, lawyers, Healthcare professionals, and College professors.

Platforms to Find Job Opportunities for Indian Students in France

Various platforms aid students in finding jobs online in France. Some of the popular and prominent ways to find job opportunities for Indian students in France are,

  • Networking is one of the most effective ways to find jobs. Connecting with people from various sectors expands your connections, meanwhile expanding opportunities.
  • Online job portals play a significant role in helping students find their dream job. With online job portals, students can access maximum information at their convenience.

  • Local newspapers will help students track the job openings in their surrounding locations.

Apart from these, some other ways a student can find job opportunities are college placements, social media, job portals, and more.

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